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Operating systems:
ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp
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Subscription to eCo Software Developer Connection

eCo Software provides information and toolkits for developers of eComStation programs and drivers.

If you subscribe to eCo Software Developer Connection then you get benefits:

  • no need to mention in the documents of your program that you are using eCo Software runtime (programs released while the subsciption is active)
  • you can make a request to create new function, fix a bug in existing. eCo Software puts your request to the queue (no guarantees that the request is fulfilled)

Who can register?

  • Developers can register to influence on the development of libraries
  • Companies should register because DevCon reduces their expenses
  • Users can register to sponsor the project

What is the price of DevCon subscription? How to support DevCon?

DevCon Sponsor unit15 EURO
DevCon Subscription, 12 monthes, 1 developer99 EURO
DevCon Subscription, 12 monthes, 1 workgroup179 EURO
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