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OS/2 - это совершенно другая операционная система для PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
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Known issues

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eSchemes 2018 / 2019

eSchemes was rewritten in 2018. It's fully rewritten.


Known issues for old eSchemes: Known issues

eSchemes Version 1.51

  ! initsch.dll now reads information about colors setting from USER.INI
    not directly via scheme.
  ! WPFolderEx2009 is supported now

eSchemes Version 1.50

  ! Fixed bug with XWLAN and editor crash (Ticket#11, Ticked#20, Ticket#26)
  ! estyler.exe now in eschemes package so dll and exe now in sync (Ticket #35, Ticket #37)

eSchemes Version 1.49

  + estyler.exe now in eschemes package so dll and exe now in sync (Ticket #35)
  ! Custom titlebar bitmaps now works (Ticket #18)
  ! Editor partally worked (Ticket #7)

eSchemes Version 1.48

  ! All current scheme files extracted to 1.51\SCHEME directory. (Ticket #13)
  ! Better sounds setting parsing during apply. (Ticket #19)
  ! Extra checks for correct sounds settings in scheme file. (Ticket #19)
  ! Default push buttons configuration added to Scheme class (fixed
    broken buttons in schemes without buttons setting, like WinXP_Clone).
  + Documentation about button settings added to help file.
  ! estlrl10.dll not reregistered during deinstallation (Ticket #9)
  ! estlrl11.dll not deregistered during deinstallation (Ticket #9)
  ! initsch.dll not registered during installation
  ! default bitmaps for frame buttons added (Ticket #25)

Version 1.47

  Class: None
  Changes: Fixed pmview.exe trap on bublehelp window creation. Flat buttons
           (style BS_NOBORDER) now works better and really flat. Reworked
           button proc. Now not usew WinSetWindowPtr and related functions.
           As result no conflict with applications which uses such feature.
           As result FM/2, Lotus Notes and other applications works must
           work fine.
  Class: Scheme
  Changes: Log file removed and replaced by PMPRINTF for
           less disk usage during debug.
  Class: WPScheme
  Changes: First page of editor window more accuratly drawen. Correct
           colors shown. Log file removed and replaced by PMPRINTF for
           less disk usage during debug. Undo action added, but no
           editor items updates. Default action added, but no editor items

eSchemes Version 1.46

  Class: None
  Changes: Fixed estlrl11.dll to correct handle bitmaps from NULL pointer
           (trap on apply some schemes fixed), logfile moved to 1.47,
           strings cut fixed (not heavely tested, but can't find any), frame
           buttons drawed now more accuratly (no artifact vertical lines)
  Class: WPScheme
  Changes: Better look of progress bar

eSchemes Version 1.45

  Class: None
  Changes: Correct version of estyler.dll in installation package.

eSchemes Version 1.44

  Class: None
  Changes: Added support of BS_USERBUTTON and fixed handling of BS_ICON,
           BS_MINIICON, BS_BITMAP push-buttons.

eSchemes Version 1.43

  Class: None
  Changes: Now window contols support 'pressed' state and no garbage on
           redrawing. Added support of system menu button.

eSchemes Version 1.42

  Class: None
  Changes: Fixed CheckBoxes and RadioButtons mess if text not set on creation
           time. Added 'pressed' state support for check/radio buttons.
  Class: Scheme
  Changes: Added release order of methods for binary compatability.
  Class: WPScheme
  Changes: Added support of 'Pressed' state apply for window controls.

eSchemes Version 1.41

  Class: None
  Changes: CheckBoxes and RadioButtons now supported.
  Class: WPScheme
  Changes: CheckBoxes and RadioButtons now supported.

eSchemes Version 1.40

  Class: None
  Changes: Frame controls moved one pixel bottom.
  Class: Scheme
  Changes: Added extra check for string comparation routines.


  • Version 1.16

    Font support fixed and activated (again) for vector fonts. Correct notebook page now selected (first page instead of last page). resmgr.dll and initsch.dll was returned to installer (was lost in previous release). eStyler 1.1 with ACPI support added (installs in full or partail installation depends on eScheme and eCS configuration). Some fixes for systems which not on drive C:\ (mostly absolute paths fixes). ZIP function added (no bitmaps, pointers and sounds saved). Another fix of trial check. Some buffers overflow buggy code cleanup (as result class is more stable now). Fixed fonts also shown correctly.

  • Beta 1

    Spring, 2005

  • Start of the project

    Fall, 2004


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