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Обновите ArcaOS до уровня NeoWPS

  • Установите набор PNG иконок, нарисованных дизайнером, специализирующемся на оформлении OS/2
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Configuring ACPI driver for eComStation 2.0

TITLE: Configuring ACPI driver for eComStation 2.0

DATE: 2010-12-12 17:59:57

AUTHOR: eCo Software

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edition: 2011/01/15

What is ACPI?

Section 1: ACPI works for your computer

If ACPI driver works on your computer ..

then share the success story with other users of eComStation:

Section 2: You can't boot to desktop

Usually you can boot ACPI.PSD without parameters. And you have problems if boot in /SMP /PIC mode or /SMP /APIC mode.

Learn the experience of other users
Configure BIOS Setup
  • Don't forget select in BIOS Setup: USB Legacy = disable
  • enable ACPI support, enable APIC mode
Different versions of ACPI driver First of all, try different version of ACPI driver:
  • ACPI 3.14 -- recommended for notebooks -- BETAZONE
  • ACPI 3.18 for eCS 2.0 GA -- good for motherboards manufactured after 2008 -- it is included to eCS 2.0 GA
  • ACPI v.today -- available by eComStation subscription

How to switch between different version of ACPI? Use ACPI Fast Upgrade .wpi package - it replaces binary files.

Simplify the configuration of PC Main goal of this stage - find the cause of headache and problems.
  • Disable USB controllers
  • Disable audio, network, etc
  • read ACPI documentation

Start the experiments from the beginning. If eCS PC works then enable one device and its drivers, try boot again.

Read the documentation again ACPI homepage

Section 3: You can boot eComStation PC to desktop but have problems

? Do you have troubles with

  • troubles with USB
  • distorted sound
  • slow network ? hangs because of network activity?
  • slow harddisk?

Step 1: Update device drivers

Do you use experimental drivers? beta versions of software? Recall full list of changes and buggy applications.

Step 2: Check IRQ

Resolve the conflicts related to IRQ

Note: The problems may occur if you are booting in PIC mode (1 CPU or N CPUs in SMP PIC mode). If use SMP APIC mode then IRQ problems are resolved automatically.

run in command line:
rmview.exe /irq > rmview.log

Example of rmview.log:

  IRQ Level =  0  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = EXCLUSIVE    TIMER_CH_0
  IRQ Level =  1  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = EXCLUSIVE    KBD_0 Keyboard Controller
  IRQ Level =  2  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = EXCLUSIVE    PIC_1
  IRQ Level =  4  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = MULTIPLEXED  SERIAL_0  Serial Controller
  IRQ Level =  5  PCI Pin = B     Flg = SHARED       Intel 82801DB-ICH4 with Analog Devices AD1981B
  IRQ Level =  8  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = EXCLUSIVE    RTC

! IRQ Level =  9  PCI Pin = B     Flg = SHARED       UHCI Compliant USB Host Controller
! IRQ Level =  9  PCI Pin = A     Flg = SHARED       Intel 2200 Wlan
! IRQ Level =  9  PCI Pin = C     Flg = SHARED       UHCI Compliant USB Host Controller
! IRQ Level =  9  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = SHARED       ACPI Interface
  IRQ Level = 10  PCI Pin = D     Flg = SHARED       EHCI Compliant USB Host Controller
! IRQ Level = 11  PCI Pin = A     Flg = SHARED       Intel 10/100/1000
! IRQ Level = 11  PCI Pin = A     Flg = SHARED       UHCI Compliant USB Host Controller
  IRQ Level = 12  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = SHARED       AUX_0 PS/2 Auxiliary Device Controller
  IRQ Level = 14  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = EXCLUSIVE    IDE_0 xATA Controller
  IRQ Level = 15  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = EXCLUSIVE    IDE_1 xATA Controller

  IRQ Level = 44  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = EXCLUSIVE    ACPI Interface
  IRQ Level = 45  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = EXCLUSIVE    ACPI Interface
  IRQ Level = 46  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = EXCLUSIVE    ACPI Interface
  IRQ Level = 47  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = EXCLUSIVE    ACPI Interface

Check that:

  • ACPI Interface is alone on IRQ9 (IRQ Level = 9)
  • Uniaud is alone (no USB controllers on the same IRQ)
  • Network adapter is alone (no USB controllers on the same IRQ)
  • All Thinkpad notebooks have common problem if booting in PIC mode: all devices are using IRQ11 (this happens if you activate ACPI, i.e. boot ACPI.PSD; if don't enable ACPI then problem doesn't occur because old BIOS configures IRQs by itself). As result, sound doesn't work, network doesn't work, USB doesn't work.
Step 3: Resolve IRQ conflicts
  • Method 1: setup IRQs via BIOS setup
  • Method 2: use LINK command integrated to ACPI.PSD
  • Method 3: disable the devices (disable unnecessary IDE controller, use onboard audio instead of external, etc)


Method 2: Lars Erdmann demonstrates how to use LINK option:

it's because the IRQ links are not properly set or set to a "forbidden" IRQ (like IRQ13 which is reserved for the Co-Processor). I think this affects only onboard devices. I had the same problem. What you need to do:

boot eComStation, capture the log of ACPI: copy acpica$ acpica.log (or find it in logs directory if the logging is activated)

in acpica.log look for a section like this:

8:5:44.0 IRQLinks found:
8:5:44.0 0: 'LNKB' (F9005488)  P[*3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15] <- 0:10.0 0:2.3
8:5:44.0                        A[]
8:5:44.0 1: 'LNKC' (F90056E0)  P[ 3, 4,*5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15] <- 0:7.0 0:2.7

If one of the sections does not have a "*" in the P[] section, this is the IRQ link that is not properly set up. You will have to assign an IRQ manually like this (in config.sys):

PSD=ACPI.PSD /LNK:LNKE:5 (example: set LNKE to IRQ 5, in your case I guess you could also set it to IRQs > 15 but I don't know).

Then you will get something like this (see the LNKE entry):

8:5:44.0  Set: 5 4: 'LNKE' (F9005B90)  P[ 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15] <- 0:3.0
8:5:44.0                        A[]
8:5:44.0 5: 'LNKF' (F9005DE8)  P[ 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11,*12, 14, 15] <- 0:3.1
8:5:44.0                        A[]
8:5:44.0 6: 'LNKG' (F9006040)  P[ 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10,*11, 12, 14, 15] <- 0:3.2
8:5:44.0                        A[]
8:5:44.0 7: 'LNKH' (F9006298)  P[]
8:5:44.0                        A[]

and all of a sudden you can use all USB ports (or whatever other device did not work).

Section 4: Utilities and applications to manage ACPI

You can install ACPI Setup to configure ACPI APM.

Section 5: Contact support service

If you have troubles with ACPI configuration then contact the support service.



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