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OS/2 - это совершенно другая операционная система для PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Программы, новости, статьи, поддержка пользователей, оборудование, вопросы и ответы.
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  • Section 1: FAQ
  • Section 2: Troubleshooting

Section 1: FAQ

Q1: Do you protect your desktop?
A1: After installation of eComStation go to
    Properties of Desktop -> Archives tab -> 
       [x] Enable archiving 
       [x] every 3 days 
       [x] keep 5 archieves 
       [x] Show archiving status at Desktop startup 

Q2: Are you crazy? the price is so high!
A2: NeoWPS it's like upgrade eCS v.current to future eComStation 3.0. 
    Is it expensive? No, it's cheap and important for the future of 
    the platform.

Q3: At the moment, most of these "NeoWPS" products -- the name itself is 
    misleading -- look like betas at best to me. And progress is slow.
A3: Our software exists, it's more powerful than solutions from competitors.
    If you want help - buy license, post a bug-report. 

Q4: Can I use NeoWPS on system with ObjectDesktop or WPS Wizard?
A4: We don't support systems with this extenders.
Q5: To upgrade a program I am going replace a dll and reboot
A5: Usually this works. But this may cause troubles.
    New version of WPS application may change the structure of object
    so replacement of dll causes troubles.
    Better re-install program with new dll. 


Q5: Why Serenity/Mensys don't purchase NeoWPS and include to eCS?
A5: There are two facts:
       * The development of NeoWPS is very expensive.
       * Mensys can't sponsor all software development.

    So, users should support our efforts directly and purchase the license.

    In the future Mensys may purchase some components of NeoWPS and include
    to eComStation/international.

Q6: Are you going port SOM/WPS/NeoWPS to Linux?
A6: We don't plan this. This doesn't influence on Linux, 
    this makes damage to eComStation: 


Section 2: Troubleshooting

Q1: NeoWPS programs were working fine. After upgrade of Runtime I can't boot to desktop

A1: Do you use old eCo Software applications? The apps may depend on old runtime. Disable the applications (visit sites and find info which dll to disable = rename)



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