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Отчет: OS/2 совместимое оборудование

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Innovations of OS/2

Please remind to young OS/2 and eComStation users, which innovations were implemented in OS/2 Warp? "OS/2 Warp is the first operating system equipped with technology: .."



IBM OS/2 Warp 4

  • first OS Intel Based OpenGL support
  • Firt OS Voice Integration Desktop
  • (DIVE) First Video aceleration 3D Brender ( direct X )
  • (DART)first Direct Audio Run Time
  • + WEb Explorer
  • first Java OS full support
  • OO OS full drag and drog
  • Icons for multi resolution and 2 state
  • BOOT manager
  • Tel net, FTP GOOpher etc...
  • OpenDoc ... Super-OLE multiplataform
  • GUI full personal config
  • Virtual PC OS Integrate ( MS or PC DOS, Windows 3.1 )
  • Smart Guide
  • REXX
  • Multi object Printer Config
  • First Restore OS for Date
  • HPFS amd JFS
  • Security API
  • Menu Contextual ( Click botom 2 mouse )

(thx Francisco Garcia, 2010/12)

Fixes from Alan Fronshtein

  • The SOM-based OS drag-n-drop was there in 3.0,
  • Telnet and all the legacy web apps were there since 2.11 (at least),
  • Boot Manager was an upgrade (IIRC) to the existing dualboot (I know for sure I was dual-booting 2.11 and 3.0
  • OS/2 to my knowledge never virtualized PC's, at least not in the Citrix-way anyways... it would dedicate a portion of memory to run an encapsulated copy of a PC-DOS session and/or PC-DOS+Win3.11
  • WebEx was there in Warp 3.0 and Warp Connect
  • DIVE was a big step forward but its not the the first... DirectX had a predecessor on the Win3.1x was called (quite uncreatively) 'Video for Windows' back in '92... over the next couple years the Microsoft camp would add to and build on this into what later became DirectX


IBM OS/2 Warp 3 Connect

  • (1994/05) The 1-st operating system with web-browser integrated


IBM OS/2 Warp 3

The stuff that made Warp 3.0 impressive was...

  • Obviously the voice stuff (industry first)
  • The vast improvements in driver compatibilities (video became possible for a much larger group of users)
  • The 2-state folders (I personally loved this)
  • The ability to use transparency in graphical rendering... this made rounded windows and non-square windows to be drawn to the desktop
  • The OS/2 Warp Launchpad was much more intelligent than the Win95 Start Button that it was competing against, it was SOM-compliant IIRC, you could drag and drop things to icons you had on your Launchpad.

thx Alan Fronshtein: "I was a HUGE OS/2 geek in those days. I spent probably 5-6 years on #os/2 and the various OS/2-related IRC channels back in those days. The graphic in the background of one of the earliest voice-chat apps for OS/2 "Voice Chat" or "Voice Box", I can't even remember what it was called anymore it was so long ago (circa '96), in either case, I modeled and rendered that in 3D Studio 3.0 (or 4.0, don't remember anymore) running in a window on Warp 3.0. Those were the days."

IBM OS/2 2.0

  • (1992/04) The 1-st 32-bit operating system for PC



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Отчет: OS/2 совместимое оборудование


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