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OS/2 - это совершенно другая операционная система для PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
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eComStation 3.0 wishlist

See also: ESWay: The third generation of eComStation

[+] Add your wish

Add functionality by default eCo Software, 2011/12/03:

activate USB CD-ROM support by default


  • Not all notebooks are equipped with SATA CD-ROM, not all desktops are equipped with SATA CD-ROM. The users buy more USB CD-ROMs.
  • The users attach USB CD-ROM suddenly, no time to configure, install or reboot.

Install PDF printer by default

All users want print to PDF file. Let's install PDF printer to every eComStation computer by default. We have prepared 1 .wpi which automatically installs driver + gs + .. * We can declare that eCS gets new feature: PDF printer, get PDF from any application. * All applications get new functionality. You can generate PDF from PMView, .. and other 1000 apps.

Add more tools and apps Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz , 2011/11/25

This is a set of suggestions for a future release of eCS. Some or all of the features could be on an auxiliary DVD rather than the basic install disk.

  1. Provide a tool for creating a bug report offline. It should be similar to the old BGREPORT and OS2INFO that IBM provided for the Merlin beta.
  2. Include Perl 5.14 with
  3. Configure GCC and Perl as part of install in order to simplify applying CPAN packages.
  4. Provide for offline feedback and registration
  5. Provide migration tools for those installing new releases on a separate logical drive rather than as an update over the old release.
  6. Port OOREXX to eCS and make it the default Rexx.
  7. Include Python and Ruby.
  8. Update Info-Zip commands and documentation.
  9. Include Perl PDF and INF documentation with icons in the Perl Folder.
  10. Provide Help Center links for those optional applications that are installed.
  11. When OpenOffice prompts for tegistration, allow collection of data offline for subsequent submission.
  12. Allow selecting multiple upload files in the BugTracker web form. Prompt for key configuration files, e.g., config.sys, and for key diagnostic files, e.g., popuplog.os2.
Improve installer eCo Software, 2011/11:

Multilanguage installer

Let's allow to user to select the language of installer. What is the reason?

  • + We have users with different languages. The installer gives the first impression. If the users don't understand the messages, they feel discomfort. => Negative emotions.
  • + This stimulates other NLV versions. Standalone translator can translate the installer to finnish or turkish. It's a real task.
  • + On practice: 1-2 times per year I should help to foreigner to install the system. I must switch the installer to english or dutch.



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Списки протестированного OS/2 оборудования


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