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OS/2 - это совершенно другая операционная система для PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
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eComStation 2.1 что нового

Коротко что нового: Новое ядро. Улучшена поддержка мультимедия (отлажен аудио-драйвер; веб-браузер с проигрывателем HTML5). eComStation можно устанавливать на компьютер с Windows 7. Теперь поддерживаются компьютеры, у которых контроллер дисков SATA работает только в режиме AHCI. Поддерживаются все модели Ethernet адаптеров: Realtek, NVidia и Intel. Обновлены системные утилиты и компоненты. Обновлен драйвер файловой системы JFS и видеодрайвер Panorama VESA. Успешная установка на ноутбуки Dell / HP.

Что нового в eComStation 2.0?

New Features:

  • Include AiR-BOOT (version 1.0.7 final) to allow installation of multiboot environments without sacrificing a primary partition (required for most Windows 7 preloads)
  • Updated ACPIWIZARD to handle APM aware mousedrivers
  • AHCI support, enables installation on AHCI only systems. AHCI controllers deliver considerably better performance than regular SATA controllers.
  • Added AHCI option to preboot menu (currently required to select manually)
  • Added BOOTDLY driver, which causes a 20 second boot delay so SCSI controller + disks can properly initialize. Driver is added by OS2CSM and HWMERGE when a SCSI driver is selected.
  • Replaced preboot disk integrity check with version that runs during the graphical installation routine. This provides more user interactivity and feedback.
  • Updated kernel to 14.105, with fix to prevent PROCDUMP trap.
  • You can activate new File Open Dialog: CD1, focdlg.cmd

Updated Applications:

  • Updated Firefox to version 4.0.1.
  • Add K option to Firefox/Thunderbird object so it will stay active when started
  • Add Exceptq v7.1 to BASEUTIL (improves traphandling in f.e. Firefox 4)
  • Add Firefox 3.5.3. to CD #2
  • Updated MINILVM to improve backwards compatibility; help updates.
  • Updated Archive Viewer to v2.1
  • Add p7zip and cpio to BASEUTIL (required for ArcView 7z and RPM file support).
  • Updated InstPDR to v1.11
  • Updated eCo Runtime to version 20101224
  • Updated USBDOCK to version 20110319
  • Updated NeoWPS * USB Widget to build version 2671
  • Updated NETWORK.EXE, MINSTPM.EXE and VIDWZRD.EXE to be eCS 2.1 aware.
  • Updated Lucide to version 1.3.3 GA.
  • Updated EVFSGUI to version + utils
  • Updated EVFSIFS to version
  • Updated EVFSPLUGIN to version 2.0.1
  • Updated eStyler to 1.1.93 (support eWP shutdown).
  • Updated LLAECS to 1.01.1002
  • Updated setboot.exe to Fsys version 1.07
  • Updated TIMESET to change default protocol to SNTP
  • Updated WarpIn in BASEUTIL to 1.0.19
  • Updated Workplace Sans fonts to v0.8 with embedded bitmaps
  • Updated DFsee engine to OEM version 10.7
  • Updated 4OS2 to version 3.06 (from 3.04h)
  • Updated GCC4CORE to 1.1.0 (now includes GCC452)
  • Updated preboot menu: autodetect when user supplies DANIS506 driver on floppy to add DANIATAP.FLT to generated config.sys
  • Updated DATASEEK to version 1.0.1
  • Updated DOSCALL1.DLL to match 14.105 kernel
  • Updated HARDERR.EXE to match kernel 14.105

Updated / added drivers:

  • Added AHCI driver 1.12
  • Updated DANIS506.ADD to version 1.8.9. Now AHCI aware.
  • Updated ACPI 3.18 package to support kernel 14.105
  • Updated Uniaud to version 1.9.26
  • Updated e1000e and Nvidia driver to multimac version.
  • Updated hw database to new multimac realtek driver, add broadcom devices.
  • Updated 168c:1014 NIF file in genmac2.wpi - corrected device ID
  • Added detection for 8086:3B56 HDA audio chipset
  • Added detection of 14E4:167B Broadcom NIC (B57.OS2 driver)
  • Added detection of 8086:27DC Intel NIC (E100B.OS2 driver)
  • Removed Genmac support for 8086:104A and 8086:107C, install failed and chipsets are now covered by native Intel NIC driver.
  • Updated hardware detection database to support new Intel PRO/1000 PCIe
  • Updated DFsee engine to OEM version 10.7
  • Updated PCIDEVS.TXT to ha_merged, 11 Oct 2010 08:16:43
  • Updated POINTDD.SYS to bldlevel 10.070
  • Updated LVM.DLL to version 20110111,
  • Added LOCK.EXE (from UDF package) to baseutil.
  • Updated UNLOCK.EXE to UDF-enabled version
  • Updated bootable JFS to 1.9.4, including helper and symbol files
  • Updated Bootable JFS files on CD to current 1.9.4 level (was at 1.0.7)
  • Updated OS2DASD.DMD and symbol files to 14.105 (was 14.096)
  • Updated Panorama driver VBE2GRAD.DLL to fix problems with VirtualBox.

===Bugfixes since the previous release:===

== block bugs ==

* 2500: [installer phase 1] Implement securit/2 interface in guidproc
* 2825: [other] Unable to install my Lotus Smart Suite 173
* 2916: [installer phase 1] Genmac misses file
* 2873: [other] Genmac wrapper does not support wireless NIC
* 2874: [other] System sound sounds keep repeating...
* 2972: [installer phase 1] LVM.DLL in German contains wrong version...
  6 resolved block bugs.

== crash bugs ==

* 2910: [installer phase 1] Install fails installing Genac 8086 104a NIC
* 2593: [installer phase 3] ALSA sound driver hangs
* 2485: [booting of CD] Dell Latitude D420 laptop hangs on MEMDISK boot...
* 2917: [other] Krnl  trap e  with PROCDUMP ON
  4 resolved crash bugs.

== major bugs ==

* 1899: [migration from eCS 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2] Renaming/Removing ""Previous Desktop"" after migration breaks eCenter
* 2799: [other] Digital dwnld dsk 3 installer ""invalid header"" OO0311-common.wpi, readme's not txt files
* 2812: [other] Panorama VESA drivers GA do not work in virtualbox 3.2 or 3.0.12
* 2788: [other] Problems with using Named Pipes
* 2919: [other] Copy link location in browser link destroys the address.
* 2819: [other] Register Online ???
* 2651: [other] ThinkCentre S51 USB does not work
* 2844: [ACPI] USB issues
* 2939: [booting of CD] sys02068  PMWP specified on PROTSHELL on line 163 does not contain a valid program
* 2932: [Content] USBXHCD disable PS/2 mouse
* 2950: [other] Programs started with program object have messed up environment
* 2763: [Content] Need documentation for formatting large (>2GB) USB data sticks
 12 resolved major bugs.

== minor bugs ==

* 1771: [migration from eCS 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2] Start File & Print Client object corrupted in Startup Folder
* 2095: [migration from eCS 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2] Volume Manager object not created on migration from 1.2R to RC4
* 2311: [migration from eCS 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2] eComCenter/WarpCenter doesn't come up on bootup after migration
* 2586: [other] Supplied md5 not compatible with distributed md5sum.exe
* 2821: [other] APM not installed on T42p although ACPI is deselected
* 2852: [other] Netop Host OS/2 release v9.00 (2008093) same but public without private data
* 2817: [other] Report on two eCS 2.0GA installs to a 4GB AMD X2 system with EIDE &SATA HDDs
* 2854: [other] Atheros WLAN NIC detected, but drivers installed and protocol.ini do not match
* 2857: [other] Wrong file size in folder message field on big files (GB)
* 2871: [ACPI] Standard reboot and shut down do not work after installation of Uniaud 1.9.3/1.9.23 on T60
* 2890: [installer phase 1] Entering registration key problem
* 2897: [other] NTFS driver deals wrong with read only drives... ?
* 1800: [other] Apply ABIOS patch to OS2LDR
* 2798: [ACPI] Native Intel driver exists, but installer suggests Genmac
* 2889: [other] Add broadcom NIC to hw detect
* 2587: [other] DVD-UDF command-line utilities do not appear to be installed
* 2924: [other] WPS problem: bracket in the name
* 1675: [installer phase 1] Format dialog in installer not modal (NL)
* 2828: [other] System sounds loop repeatedly
* 1293: [other] Unregistered Class
* 2454: [other] Unable to start Dos Window Session with Panorama on M3A78-CM Motherboard
 22 resolved minor bugs.

== tweak bugs ==

* 2900: [installer phase 1] Missing Vendor/ID for Intel 10/100MB driver (E100B.OS2)
* 2899: [installer phase 1] Add vendor/chipset ID's to database for hardware detection for the e1000e driver.
* 2673: [installer phase 1] Realtek 8139 chipset not detected on Medion laptop
  3 resolved tweak bugs.

== text bugs ==

  0 resolved text bugs.

== trivial bugs ==

  0 resolved trivial bugs.

== feature bugs ==

* 2802: [other] Installation problematic
* 2816: [other] No WLan driver installed
* 2801: [other] sound not working
* 2947: [other] 4os2 - Please use current version 3.06 instead 3.04H
* 2977: [installer phase 1] Add detection...
  5 resolved feature bugs.

== Total of: 52 resolved bugs. ==


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