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OS/2 - это совершенно другая операционная система для PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
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Warpstock 2008

Homepage of Warpstock 2008

source of files: warpstock.org

GenMAC with Supported and Unsupported Hardware Lewis Rosenthal GenMAC 2.20 installation & configuration, using both supported (listed) hardware and unsupported devices


Brendan Oakley UniAUD Presentation, covering history of the project, current status, and future directions.
2008 Update on Wi-Fi Technologies Lewis Rosenthal Update on wireless technology, including 802.11n and security protocols.
Introduction to DFSee and partitioning, including LVM Jan Van Wijk This will give a brief overview of the functionality available in DFSee version 9.xx, and a quick introduction in partitioning including the LVM additions to that.
Java 1.5 on eCS and OS/2 Andy Willis How to use use Java 1.5 on OS/2, how to set it up and make use of it. Note: the browser plugin not working at this time.
FXREF - A program to produce cross reference listings of FORTRAN 77 programs Roy Hardy FXREF accepts FORTRAN 77 source code as input and creates up to ten tables providing cross referencing information for variable names, statement numbers, integer constants, floating point and real constants, input-output units used (both numerical and variable), character constants (literals), COMMON maps with EQUIVALENCE references, a list of all subroutine and functions used by each program module within a program, and a statistical table of counts of variables, constants, literals, and input-output units.
eCS in virtual machines (installation experiences) Chuck McKinnis This session will cover the installation of eCS in the virtual machine environment. It will cover the virtual machine definition, installing eCS, setting up Internet and local network access, and other pertinent topics.

Creating Effective Slideshows

Jim O'Connor for John Edwards This session will cover the considerations that you should make when creating a presentation slideshow. Impress will be used as an example program for creating the slideshow. We will look at slide content, transitions, effects and other points.
eCS and virtual machines (general considerations) Chuck McKinnis This session will explore the pros and cons of various available virtual machine environments, including Virtual PC, SVISTA, Virtual Box, and Parallels under the various PC operating systems including Windows, Linux, MAC OS, and eCS.



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