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ArcaOS 5.0 Русская версия
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eComStation installation: Lenovo Ideapad S206

TITLE: eComStation installation: Lenovo Ideapad S206

DATE: 2013-01-10 21:27:29

AUTHOR: Kamiyama Kimiharu

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Install eComStation to Lenovo Ideapad S206

Video from manufacturer:

This simple tutorial shows you to use eComStation(eCS) 2.1 on Lenovo Ideapad S206. And shows you to get "dual boot environment" which can use pre-installed OS(Windows). Also, this tutorial may apply to other computer system.

At first, you need some utility softwares and tools.

  • HDD disk dump editor
  • HDD parition editor
  • Backup software
  • Backup media

For example, I use "Acronis Disk Director Suite" as HDD disk dump editor and HDD partition editor, "Acronis True Image Home" as backup software, and also USB HDD as backup media.

Also, you need USB DVD drive. DVD Drive have to have a "write" function. Read-only drive(e.g.:DVD-ROM drive) is no use.

make a recovery media

At first, you must make a recovery media. Start Windows OS and create recovery DVD.

planning HDD partition

why planning HDD partition?

The eCS installer can not recognize default HDD partition. So you have to re-create it again.


The default HDD partition is as follows.

(use by Windows7)
(system and user drive)
No label
(on S206, drivers included on this drive)
(recovery image)
Primary partition
Extended partition
(Logical volume)

I do not want to change the default HDD partition. I hope to add a eCS volume to this partition.

Accordingly, my HDD partition planning is as follows.

(user data)

On eCS, a drive letter is assigned as follows.

No label


  • A young drive letter is assigned to primary partition.
  • A partition named "LENOVO_PART" is OEM partition(hidden partition). The drive letter is not assigned to it.
  • A drive letter which assigned to logical volume is after primary partition.

Finally, you should decide volume space used by eCS and data partition.
e.g. My partitioning is as follows.

Default size
No label
Default size
Default size

install eCS

about partition table

During installing eCS, you have to take a note of partition table and edit it. You can view the partition table in Master Boot Record(MBR) using HDD disk dump editor. The MBR appears at first 512 sectors on HDD. The partition table starts at 446 bytes on MBR. There are 4 partition tables in MBR.

Partition table shows us that where the partition is allocated on HDD. After the 4th partition table, there are 2 bytes of data called "magic number". It shows to system where MBR is end. Do not change the magic number. It makes starting of a system go wrong. If you want to learn more about boot sector, you should search it on the internet. There are a lot of informations about it.

e.g. On "Acronis Disk Director Suite", boot from bootable cd and select [Edit Disk] on the menu.

partition table

Here are sample of my default partition table.

80 20 21 00 07 9f 06 19 00 08 00 00 00 40 06 00 (SYSTEM_DRV)
00 9f 07 19 07 fe ff ff 00 48 06 00 00 98 9c 1f (Windows7_OS)
00 fe ff ff 0f fe ff ff 00 e0 a2 1f 00 00 2f 03 (Extended partition(No label))
00 fe ff ff 12 fe ff ff 00 e0 d1 22 b0 0a 71 02 (LENOVO_PART)

create installation partition

At first, you must create partition to install eCS. Use HDD partition editor and create free space at start of HDD. The HDD partition looks as follows after you created the partition.

free spaceSYSTEM_DRVWindows7_OSNo labelLENOVO_PART


  • The free space which you should create needs more than space for eCS and user data.
  • To create free space, resize "Windows_7" partition. Don't touch to any other partition.

take a note of partition table

After installation partition is created, you must take a note of partition table.

00 e6 4f 18 07 65 73 32 00 d0 3f 01 00 40 06 00 (SYSTEM_DRV) -> note!(a)
00 65 74 32 07 c4 76 0e 00 10 46 01 00 d0 5c 1e (Windows7_OS) -> note!(b)
00 c4 77 0e 05 c0 b5 0b 00 e0 a2 1f 00 00 2f 03 (Extended partition(No label))
00 fe ff ff 12 fe ff ff 00 e0 d1 22 b0 0a 71 02 (LENOVO_PART) -> note!(c)

backup "No label" partition

Use backup software and make a backup of "No label" partition.

install eCS

Set eCS bootable media to USB DVD drive and boot from the media.

  1. To install eCS from USB DVD Drive, you must select "Boot with menu for own value" from menu.
    eCS installation process 01
  2. In the boot option menu, select "CD-ROM/-R(W) drives attached" and check a "Install from USB CD device".
    eCS installation process 02
  3. Continue the installation process. A warning message will appear.
    eCS installation process 03
  4. Select [Disk]-[Wipe disk information]-[MBR and partition table] from menu bar.
    eCS installation process 04


    After this operation, the partition on the computer is all removed but the data still exist there.

  5. Click a [OK] button.
    eCS installation process 05
  6. Continue...
    eCS installation process 06
  7. Click a [Close] button.
    eCS installation process 07
  8. Reboot computer. Then you restart installation process. At this time, no warning message will appear.
    eCS installation process 08
  9. Enter to volume manager.
    eCS installation process 09
  10. Select [Volume]-[Create new...] from menu bar.
    eCS installation process 10
  11. "Create volume" wizard will start. Select "Standard(bootable) volume" and click [Next] button.
    eCS installation process 11
  12. Select "E" from "Letter" pull down menu. "Name" is optional.
    Click a [Next] button.
    eCS installation process 12
  13. Enter "volume size". Un-check "Use primary partition" and click a [Finish] button.
    eCS installation process 13
  14. A volume "E" is created. Also a free space which used 7MB HDD space is created too.
    eCS installation process 14


    I don't know why a partition called "free space" is created at first area of HDD. I think this is remains of "Boot Manager" used by legacy OS/2 system. Anyway, the partition takes no impact on using system. So I recommend "don't touch" for this partition.

  15. Choose free space and select [Volume]-[Create new] from menu bar.
    eCS installation process 15
  16. Select "Standard(bootable) volume" and click [Next] button.
    eCS installation process 16
  17. Select "F" from "Letter" pull down menu. "Name" is optional.
    Click a [Next] button.
    eCS installation process 17
  18. Enter "volume size". Un-check "Use primary partition" and click a [Finish] button.
    eCS installation process 18
  19. A volume "F" is created.
    eCS installation process 19
  20. Select [System]-[Boot Menu]-[Install/Update] from menu bar.
    eCS installation process 20
  21. Click a [Yes] button.
    eCS installation process 21
  22. Select [System]-[Exit] from menu bar.
    eCS installation process 22
  23. Installable volume is created. Continue the installation process.
    eCS installation process 23
  24. Continue...
    eCS installation process 24
  25. Don't choose "ACPI" option at this time. It causes system stop in boot progress.
    eCS installation process 25


    If you want to use "ACPI", install the latest driver after eCS installed.

  26. Select "Universal Audio Driver" for audio device.
    eCS installation process 26
  27. Ideapad S206 has Ralink 3090 wifi adapter. It is not currently supported under eCS, but I install network support option for the reason that I expect it will be supported later.
    eCS installation process 27
  28. No network adaptor is detected. Click [Add adapter...] button.
    eCS installation process 28
  29. At this time, I installed "IBM NULL MAC Driver".
    eCS installation process 29
  30. Continue...
    eCS installation process 30
  31. If the dialog as follows appear, select USB DVD device. Then installer will continue and all will be done correctly.
    eCS installation process 31

After installation is completed, the system partition looks as follows.

Free Space
eCSUSERFree Space
(include Windows7_OS and other volumes)

note: why windows parition disappeared?

Remember that you cleared partition table at installation process step 4 . After this operation, the partition table is "Zero cleared". This is why the system dismissed Windows partition after recovery eCS.
Here are sample of my partion table.

00 00 01 01 05 fe 7f 7f c1 3e 00 00 bf e2 5d 00 (Extended partition(eCS and USER))
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 <- Zero filled
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 <- Zero filled
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 <- Zero filled

edit partition table

Edit parition table. re-input the value which you took a note before.

00 00 01 01 05 fe 7f 7f c1 3e 00 00 bf e2 5d 00 <- don't edit!
00 aa f3 f8 07 6a 18 12 00 48 e5 04 00 40 06 00 <- input value (a)
00 6a 19 12 07 c4 76 0e 00 88 eb 04 00 58 b7 1a <- input value (b)
00 fe ff ff 12 fe ff ff 00 e0 d1 22 b0 0a 71 02 <- input value (c)

After done this operation, the Windows partition appears again.

Free SpaceeCSUSERFree SpaceSYSTEM_DRVWindows7_OSFree SpaceLENOVO_PART

recovery "No label" partition

Recover "No label" partition to third free space on HDD.

Free SpaceeCSUSERFree SpaceSYSTEM_DRVWindows7_OSFree Space
<<recovery to here>>

Now, you should have partition as follows.

Free SpaceeCSUSERFree SpaceSYSTEM_DRVWindows7_OSNo labelLENOVO_PART

resize Windows7_OS partition

Finally, use partition editor and resize "Windows7_OS" partition. The second "Free Space" partition shall be take in to "Windows7_OS" partition. The existent "Free Space" on start of HDD is not used. Maybe it can take in to any partition, but I don't touch it. Anyway, its used space is only 7 MB and not of care.


end of installaton

At now, all of installation proccess is done. Enjoy your computer life!


Currently wireless lan is not worked on eCS.

Попробуй программу:

USB Dock - утилита показывает USB устройства, подключенные к компьютеру.


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