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Новости Warpstock 2012

TITLE: Новости Warpstock 2012

DATE: 2012-08-29 19:42:54

AUTHOR: Visitors of the conference

Warpstock US 2012 (August)

Neil Waldhauer writes: (source)

Well, I'm finally back from Warpstock. It was smaller than year's past. The contrast was striking compared to last year, which was the biggest in several years.

In response to the question about eCS 2.2 above, we had Roderick Klein presenting on that. It seems that a little more work is needed, so eCS 2.2 will have to wait until everyone is back from summer vacation, then work will be completed.

Probably ACPI 3.21 will be included and enabled by default, plus the miniFS for JFS will have higher performance. Numerous drivers are updated to permit suspend/resume on ACPI-type laptops. I tested this new capability personally on my T61p.

I don't know if it's in eCS 2.2, but we played around a lot with some parts of xwlan. I can remember when XWLAN worked well, but over time, it seems not to work so well. I don't think software really changes as it ages, so what is going on? It turns out that buffer space to hold information about access points is limited, and at this point, there are problems if too many are present. For example, the WiFi on my X60 would not function in the hotel room or lobby.

Steven Levine supplied a scanx.exe that listed over 30 access points available in my hotel room. In the conference room, only three access points were available, so I had no trouble connecting. Even if a fix for the buffer problems is not available for eCS 2.2, it's looking good for a fix in the future.

No one at Warpstock has the Java 6 plugin working, but Roderick said it would be in eCS 2.2. I hope a fix will be available soon.

DMT will be in the build.

User interface enhancements to be added:

  • file open dialog / save as dialog
  • sunny icons
  • new xworkplace with split windows

I'm not sure it's part of eCS 2.2, but OpenOffice 3.5 will include Java 6 support and loading DLLs in high memory.

There was a lot of time for back and forth questions and comments. I wish we'd taken better notes. We were especially short-handed this year with several board members who could not attend for personal reasons. Martin is correct that we need some help for blogging.



Warpstock 2012 was held August 17-19, in Portland, Oregon; the presentation materials are available for download. Roderick Klein of Mensys spoke to the attendees via Skype; he mentioned that they continue to get new corporate customers from Asia and America, including defense contractors like Boeing and Douglas MacArthur. Plans for eComStation 2.2 include: the latest driver updates, including ACPI, USB, AHCI, and MultiMac; kernel 14.106 from IBM will be included; Flash 11 and Java 6 browser plugins will be bundled; DMT, SunnyIcons, and the eCoSoft File Open/Save replacement dialog are also planned for inclusion. There are plans to finally update the eCS demo CD, and they are starting to make plans for eCS 3.0. OpenOffice 3.4.0 is not available yet, but they already have internal builds of 3.5.0 running, with functioning Java and high memory support.


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