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OS/2 - это совершенно другая операционная система для PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
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Обновите ArcaOS до уровня NeoWPS

  • Установите набор PNG иконок, нарисованных дизайнером, специализирующемся на оформлении OS/2
  • Установите eSchemes 2018, чтобы менять цвета и кнопки на рабочем столе

Результаты разработки eComStation, весна 2012

TITLE: Результаты разработки eComStation, весна 2012

DATE: 2012-05-25 17:17:30

AUTHOR: eCo Software

Разработка eComStation продолжается, мы собрали новости из открытых источников. What is the current activity of eComStation developers?

We have collected public news from the Internet in this short review.

Драйвер ACPI

David Azarewicz:

Вся информация для пользователей собрана на сайте http://svn.netlabs.org/acpi

Известные проблемы и ограничения

В ближайшее время:

Выходят новые версии драйвера ACPI. Основная цель - реализовать поддержку suspend/resume для ноутбуков.

ACPI driver

David Azarewicz:

The information intended for users is at http://svn.netlabs.org/acpi

This page contains much information and several links to more information.

It contains a link to the Known Problems page which is the current status: Known Problems

It contains a link to the current ReadMe.

It contains a link to the Testing Guidelines if they have problems

It contains information on how to report problems.

Coming soon:

Updated ACPI are coming out and while some systems don't work its clear the new ACPI versions are a big improvement!

add: Main goal - to implement suspend/resume for notebooks.

Драйверы Intel WiFi адаптеров

MultiMac - унифицированный драйвер для сетевых адаптеров, началась работа над драйвером для Intel WiFi адаптерами: http://svn.ecomstation.nl/multimac

В ближайшее время:

Выходят новые драйверы Broadcom.

There is activity on Intel WiFi drivers, visit http://svn.ecomstation.nl/multimac

Also new NIC drivers are coming out and the Multimac skeleton is being updated to support new NIC's. When is uncertain its finished but in the coming weeks a first public version of Broadcom Multimac driver should be released.

Драйверы USB

Уже имеет смысл устанавливать обновленные драйверы USB.

Lars Erdmann:

USB drivers

Дополнительные системные компоненты

Alex Taylor:

Additional system components

Alex Taylor:

  • Icon Themes was recently updated to v2.1 with support for several new icons and desktop objects. The latest preview release is available on the BetaZone. 2.1 GA (identical except for some updates to the included themes) will be in the next version of eCS.
  • Clock Synchronization (TIMESET) version 1.12 will be included in the next eCS. It has a couple of minor usability tweaks over 1.11, which is on the BetaZone.
  • The graphical Disk Checker run by the installer has received a number of improvements designed to allow it to be used as a standalone utility after eCS installation. It should also handle removable (e.g. USB) disks more smoothly. Note: in some cases it can be used to make large FAT32 USB flash disks usable under eCS without wiping them.

Драйверы SATA

Ожидается обновление AHCI драйвера.

SATA drivers

An updated AHCI driver is out the pipeline soon.


SNAP - было собрано несколько внутренних билдов.



As for the SNAP stuff. The primary focus is and will be first to get MTRR support and VESA support stable. Some people worked already on SNAP and work is moving forward in the background.

My first estimate was that support new chipsets native would be a lot of work. But for some chipsets it will be possible to add simply new chipset and vendor ID's. We are making lists of this. Some internal builds have been released to some people to test. So development is being worked on.


OpenOffice - вышло несколько внутренних билдов - следи за Yuri Dario на facebook и т.п.