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What to expect from eComStation?

TITLE: What to expect from eComStation?

DATE: 2011-12-10 21:15:40

AUTHOR: Roderick Klein

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Roderick Klein (Mensys BV) answers to your questions.

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Q0: What is the next version of eComStation?


Q1: What is the priority of Mensys today?

[not confirmed]

  • Now ACPI is finaly getting upto a good level.
  • USB stack
  • Update SNAP video driver
  • Update base drivers for compatibility with SMP


Q2: Are you going release fixpaks for eCS?

We considereated this but most human resources are missing.


Q3: Do you plan release refreshed Demo-CD?

Its being worked on.


Q4: Upgrade mechanism. Currently it's very difficult copy all data and apps from old eCS to new one.

Low priority for now.. Too much work to overhaul the current migration process.


Q6: Do you plan include eCUPS to eCS?

Roderick: Yes.

Paul Smedley: Alex Taylor is working on a .wpi for cups installation, and a wizard to ease the pain of importing ppd's into the postscript driver


Q10: Are you going move to DVD disk? or keep eCS CD1?

Possibly we will also offer DVD next to CD ROM.


Q13: Do you have demand on application like WiseMachine?



Q14: Do you have demand on touch screen support?

A: Joachim: no demand


Q15: Do you plan include standard libraries to the system by default? (sqlite.dll, etc)


Q16: What is the future area of eComStation usage? What completed solutions are you going to support?



Q17: Is it possible separate user's data from system files (volume)? (to simplify upgrade of OS)



Q18: Do you plan add IPv6 support to eComStation?

Roderick: discussion


Q19: How an interested user can help to eComStation?



Q20: Are you going offer a Cloud service for the customers? Or collaborate with a provider which offers such service.



Q21: Does UEFI influence on eComStation?

[not confirmed]

A: It's a common problem for alternative OSes: Dell HP Respond to Secure Boot Issue


Q22: What kind of applications do you accept for eCS CD2?



Q23: Are you going start selling of Family license of eComStation?



Q24: Support harddrive 4 KB sectors under eCS

A: it's in the pipeline to work on this.


Q25: Is it possible implement Direct installation on hard disks of more than 512 GB?



Q26: Do you plan include a new unique technology to the next eCS? (New filesystem, new memory manager, etc)



Q27: eComStation is used in industry, Do you work on toolkit for Solution developers?



Q28: What is the value of Software Subscription today? Are you going put more drivers / applications to BETAZONE?



Q29: Do you accept sound schemes, icons and artwork for eComStation?

Sound schemes (if the size is not to big!) yes I accept does. HOWEVER. I have discussed this with more people that when I want to include sound samples I need to have files that have a CLEAR!!!! license stating they can be included in a commercial product. And yes I know the creative common license exits. However there are more versions of this license. I invited people to hunt down sound schemes but never where able to answer the above needed questions.


Q30: What level of compatibility with Windows is planned? NTFS support? improved FAT32? Samba upgrade?

Silvan Scherrer: We are almost at the latest code level. samba 3.5 ga will be there soon, 3.6 comes after that of course. We even bring it to high-mem right now which should gain some low mem stack.

Samba client of course always goes in line with server. so when 3.5 GA is done also client based on this cde is available.


Q31: What manufacturer of hardware are you going to support? Concentrate on Intel WiFi, Intel video adapters, ..

Well you know the drill first realtek driver. Then we can think about Wifi. Video is currently not on the agenda for the next month or so. Ben who worked on Airboot first has to fix that further then he can slowly work on SNAP.


Q32: Do you support eCS 1.2? What are the terms of eCS 2.1 support?



Q33: Does eComStation support SSD disks? (TRIM command)

Nothing fancy at the moment planned of course..


Q34: What is the current state of NLV versions?

A: Alex Taylor: English and German are shipping now.

Dutch and Italian are almost ready for release, AFAIK.

Japanese is currently in preview release.

Swedish shouldn't be hard to get up to date as long as we have translators are willing to work on it. The same goes for Traditional Chinese, although it would need more work to bring up to 2.1 level.

AFAIK French and Spanish are basically comatose due to lack of interest.

Simplified Chinese is in technology preview/special OEM release at the moment. It can't be properly released as a NLV until we can get hold of FixPak 4 for Simplified Chinese. Unfortunately, nobody seems to have it.


Q35: Does Mensys company use eComStation for office purposes? Do you use your own product?

Of course we do... Our main sales application MIS runs on OS/2. Just like the webservers...


Q36: What is the current state of Flash player for eCS

A: Currently there is being worked to getting ODIN from the Visual Age compiler to GCC compiler.

".. but the bugs in GCC libs (e.g. like SEM32 lock) will be fixed soon or later?"

Its on the agenda and should be fixed this year...