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What is eComStation?

TITLE: What is eComStation?

DATE: 2011-10-24 04:04:37

AUTHOR: Eugene Gorbunoff

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Q1: What is eComStation?

A1: eComStation is an Operating System for PC-compatible computers (an OEM-version of IBM OS/2 Warp Operating System). It can be used as primary OS or alongside with Windows and/or Linux.

In 1990s there was a "fierce competition" with Microsoft Windows, and OS/2 even took a reasonable share of the market (IBM used it for its solutions as well: Olympic Games, ATMs, etc.) Today eComStation's share is less than one percent, but there's no plans to halt the development process.

eComStation desktop


Q2: What platform is the competitor of eComStation?

A2: Developers of major Operating Systems don't compete with eComStation. Users are taken away from eComStation. Mostly by Mac OS X (due to its massive advertising). eComStation should adopt features of other Operating Systems and turn PC into a "household appliance" (or at least to provide a media center or similar interface).


Q3: What is the target market of eComStation?

A3: Mensys B.V. (distributor and main developer of eComStation) relies on companies that already use IBM OS/2 Warp (see interview with Roderick Klein). eCo Software company follows the other path: we understand that the number of companies migrating from IBM OS/2 Warp to eComStation will decrease each year. To attract new users, eComStation has to become a "universal OS". It does not have to be a one niche product. Microsoft Windows monopoly will absorb any specialized Operating System (remember Silicon Graphics - in the end of 1990s Windows quickly took place of SGI's graphics stations).


Q4: Is there anything new happening in the world of eComStation?

A4: Many exciting things happened this spring:

And one more thing: this may in Harlem, Netherlands took place Warpstock Europe 2011 conference, where users and developers discussed further development of the platform.


Q5: Is eComStation an open-source OS?

A5: Basic components (including kernel) are closed-source. Large number of libraries, applications and technologies comes from Linux. One can say it's one half open-sourced.


Q6: Does eComStation have anything new to offer?

A6: eComStation offers simplicity and reliability.

As Jean-Louis Gassée (BeOS and Apple guy) stated in his article "The OS Doesn't Matter?": The technical challenges have migrated to two areas: UI (User Interface, or the more poetic-and more accurate-UX, for User Experience) and programming tools.

Most of our efforts are aimed in this direction.


Q7: Can I participate in eComStation development?

A7: One can start from developing application programs and distributing them from eCo Market (our application store).

Popular apps in eCo Market

It is possible to write programs using REXX scripting language and create extensions for WorkPlace Shell object-oriented desktop environment.

We also need driver developers and User Experience specialists.


Additional information:

  • Eugene Gorbunoff answered to the questions of user Padre
  • You can quote part of the text at other site and add link to full text of interview.

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