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Обновите ArcaOS до уровня NeoWPS

  • Установите набор PNG иконок, нарисованных дизайнером, специализирующемся на оформлении OS/2
  • Установите eSchemes 2018, чтобы менять цвета и кнопки на рабочем столе

ESWay: The third generation of eComStation

TITLE: ESWay: The third generation of eComStation

DATE: 2011-01-01 03:37:20

AUTHOR: eCo Software

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Edition: 2014/06/08

eCo Software is collecting recommendations what to implement in future (large) version of eComStation operating system.


All operating systems are similar today. To compete on the market, we should offer different User Interface experience + Development tools aimed to create the applications with *this* user interface.

Let's follow the recommendations of Jean-Louis Gass?e: "The OS Doesn't Matter?" (ENG, RUS)

Goal N 1: Extend the User Interface

Components Add components:
  • Include DragText (ready for use)
  • New File Open Container (ready for use)
Schemes Complete eSchemes (change desktop colors, buttons and icons)
Icons Sunny icons - unique icons, following IBM OS/2 traditions + modern view.
Other suggestions

Goal N 2: Create Development Tools

Distribute information about existing developer's tools

New tools.


Add libraries

SQLite What do you think about idea to include sqlite to eCS? (by default) Current situation: the developers can't create simple databases and are inventing self-made formats of data.

Goal N 3: eCo Market

It's necessary provide catalogue of software for users. Novice users don't know what software is available, old users are tired to install apps manually.

eCo Market homepage


Goal N 4: Upgrade mechanism

Provide mechanism for future upgrades. Example: the user purchases eCS 3.0. To get eCS 3.1 he wants apply the fixpak (no need to re-install the OS). Terms of supports: 1-2 years.

To get eComStation 4.0 the user should re-install it.


In additional to main goals, there are more tasks:

Appendix 1. Develop applications and utilities

Minimal requirements to eComStation v.next:

Appendix 2. Drivers, kernel

eComStation will be used on notebooks, netbooks and tablets. As result, suspend/resume should work on any hardware (depends on ACPI driver).

It's clear that new version will include updated device drivers.

There is development of device drivers: Mensys Roadmap (2010/09)

  • USB stack should be updated (1.0, 1.1, 2.0)
  • USB 3.0 driver (later)

One more list of tasks: Large tasks for eComStation developers in 2011

  • Support of flash disks partitioned in Windows (eCS supports any flash disk partitioned in eCS)

Appendix 3. New sub-systems

Add components to eCS CD1:

  • Java 6 -> OpenOffice/Java -> SWT and Eclipse
  • CUPS printing system

Appendix 4. Base runtimes

  • updated eCo Software runtime
  • New runtimes: include Qt4 runtime to eCS CD1
  • Create additional runtime: sqlite dll + ..

Appendix 5. Requirements of Solutions developers

  • To protect eComStation PC located in public places, it's necessary include Security/2 to eCS CD1.

Appendix 6. Installer

Read more

Appendix 7. Change the structure of the operating system

Appendix 8. NLV support

It's difficult translate the whole CD to other language. We offer deal with LIP (Language Interface Package) packages. eCo Software have created such package aimed to switch interface of English eCS 2.1 to Russian interface.

Appendix 9. Desktop objects

  • Resort Setup applications: a) add shadows to System Setup folder, b) add TCP/IP Setup to Internet folder, etc.
  • Create more folders in Programs folder: Graphics, Science, .. check the posting of Martin Iturbide at os2world.com forum

Appendix 10. Small important fixes

  • Unicode dll -- eCS bug-tracker
  • Windows EXE fix -- eCS bug-tracker