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How to push eComStation development

TITLE: How to push eComStation development

DATE: 2010-08-13 20:44:12

AUTHOR: eCo Software

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Edition: 2010/08/22

This article in under construction

Cycle of software development

The cycle of software development on eComStation market is large, every stage requires many efforts from eCS developers, managers and zealots.

Step A: How to define the roadmap / plan of work


Step B: Development of software

(we talk about native software)

It's necessary use eToolkit libraries (new PM controls, ..)

Step C: Testing, debugging software

First of all, accumulate all links to bug-trackers on one portal. Here is the portal.

Step D: Catalogue of software, eCS CD2

We are collecting recommendations what to include to eCS CD2 on the site of eComStation Essentials.

Step E: Advertisement of products


Step F: Selling / Distributing software

eComStation resellers don't resell shareware programs, don't show catalogues to the customers. It's a large mistake.

Step G: How to Reanimate os2voice.org, os2ezine.com

Current state: os2voice.org newsletter is not active, os2ezine.com is not active. As result,

  • No exchange of knowledge among users
  • No advertisement, no reviews of software => no sellings of shareware
  • No interviews with acive users and developers
  • No export of eComStation news to osnews.com site
  • etc.

Some suggestions how to reanimate os2voice.org newsletter:

First of all, recover the site, restore "Past Newsletters" (in the bottom), now you can't see the database of knowledge since 1998 .. 2005.

  1. It's necessary post ideas which articles users can write? what software to review?
    • * Review five Qt4 applications
    • * Technical article for developers about interaction of applications and processes
    • * Review of audio players available
    • * How to organize home mutimedia center based on eCS
    • * ..

    simply post the ideas (10-20 suggestions) every 30 days at news sites.

    YES, it works here, with articles on russian language.

  2. os2voice.org is not commercial. Where to get the fuel? N hundred/thousand people are visiting the site => banners is the resource.
    • there are .. 50 commercial/shareware applications on eCS market
    • ok.. 10 developers will agree to publish banners on os2voice.org site and pass 5 reg.keys as payment.
    • Every month = 5 reg.keys

    So, offer reg.keys for popular applications.

    YES, it's very important. We were offering the banners to os2voice.org but were ignored (? I don't have evidence). i don't have claims, we are ready send the banners again.

  3. Why do people write reviews? Some of them want to see their names and photos on your site. You can improve the description of the author of article. Larger photo, more information about the author.

    and.. it's not enough. it's necessary put information to the site that you are ready to publish extended information about the authors.

    YES, not all people need reward, many of them need this ^

  4. The 4-th step - don't wait, search for active users. If some users are very active and post many messages to the forums - this people are able to write an article very fast. Simply filter this people and send them an offering.

    YES, don't wait for articles, contact right people.

  5. step 5 - it's necessary nominate the articles to e-ball Awards => so all users will see (in the end of year) who have written the articles. How is it important.

    YES, it's necessary remind to people about os2voice.org newsletter every month.

  6. Take interviews.. OR .. compile interviews.. the forums are full of messages.

    YES, we are doing this here. Preparing some interviews with the developers.

  7. There were more suggestions for os2voice.org newsletter, it's necessary look into archives.

Step H: Warpstock conferences

As you can see, the activity goes down, less presentations, less visitors.

  • WSE2007 -- 23 presentations,
  • WSE2008 -- 22 presentations,
  • WSE2009 -- 21 presentations,
  • Warpstock Europe 2010 = 14 presentations were listed. (17 in the final)

There are four methods to reanimate Warpstock (Europe/USA):

  • All announcements are standard (text form, standard information) and don't attract new visitors. How to change this? It's necessary rotate banners with advertisement of coming presentations and speakers. Example:

    "Warpstock is about teaching eCS developers and users how to take their REXX scripts and apps to the next level"

    Roderick McDonald, senior engineer, Roga and kopita LLC.

    %Warpstock logo, place and dates%

    Dimension: 468x60, 140x140

    Mistakes: not abstract banners, but banners about every presentation. Giant difference!

  • It's necessary work in conjuction with the distributors / developers of shareware software ( =use the energy of "medium business"). They will make all hard work: attract more visitors, promote the conference.
  • The third factor of success - promote the city of the conference. Publish 2-3 reviews with photos of the city *inside* OS/2 world. Don't reference to large external sites.
  • We see final list of presentations in 2..4 weeks before the conference. As result, the list doesn't promote the conference, no list - no interested users. It's important to show the list of all planned presentations in advance. Show the list in 12 monthes before the conference, update it every month. Yes, half of the presentations are refused/removed but the list should work the whole year.

Step i: Export news to IT sites


Step J: Support of users


Попробуй программу:

Благодаря тулкиту Qt4 в eComStation будут портированы десятки современных графических программ, Вложить 5 евро в разработку Qt4


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