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Логотип DVD/CD Toys 

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DVD/CD Toys History

(notes for translators)

DVD/CD Toys 1.04.00 (20150821)

  • The DVD/CD Toys now has great and powerful tool that allows save and compress any of selected track of the audio compact disk.
  • Updated French translation, thanks to Guillaume Gay.

Create Boot Image

  • Correctly extracts boot images containing a boot information table.

Burn Files

  • Now allows to create boot information table inside boot image if it is necessary.


  • Core functions now supports the DVD_BOOT_TABLE option. DVDDiskInfo(), DVDSelectEncoder(), DVDEncoderInfo() and DVDSaveTrack() functions are added to the DVD/CD Toys core.

DVD/CD Toys 1.03.00

  • No more show error at beginning of reading from read-only devices.
  • Trying to improve detection of a capabilities of a recording device.
  • Huge execution logs are now correctly copied to clipboard.

DVD/CD Toys 1.02.00

  • The main tool window is hidden on operation runtime now and you can minimize an operation progress dialog.
  • Tries to check up free space on the disc before to burn and shows an appropriate message if its is not enough.
  • Suggests to blank a rewritable non-empty disk in a case if finds out burning attempt on such disk and its blanking hasn't been chosen by user before.
  • The step of fixating of the burned session is shown now via progress dialog.
  • The execution log now use monospaced font. The execution log dialog also has now maximizing and closing buttons.

  • Burn Files

  • Now correctly sorts project files after renaming.
  • Renaming of a boot image or a boot catalog file is prevented because it is cause cdrecord errors.

  • Core

  • Core functions now supports the DVD_OFFER_BLANK option.

DVD/CD Toys 1.01.00

  • The DVD/CD Toys now have great and powerful tool that allows creation, extraction and restoration of boot images which are necessary for burning a bootable compact disk or creating of an ISO image of such disk.
  • The size of additional memory buffer that enhances the physical buffer of the recorder can be changed via configuration dialog.

  • Burn Files

  • Now allows to burn bootable compact disks and to create images of such disks.
  • The disk name changed via project tree now is used correctly.

DVD/CD Toys 1.00.00 (2010/09/29)

  • Current operation and its progress are displayed in the task list.
  • Single selected record from tracer window is correctly copied to the clipboard.
  • The DVD/CD Toys try to gracefully format new "maiden" DVD+RW disks before use because some users report that such disks aren't auto-formatted via CDRTools.

  • Burn Files

  • The addition problems dialog columns alignment is corrected.
  • The sizebar now have yellow mark of the end of the free space on compact disk.

  • Burn Audio Disc

  • Does not crash in case in the IOProc module there is a memory access violation.
  • The addition problems dialog columns alignment is corrected.
  • Doesn't shuffle tracks after moving their in the project window.
  • The sizebar now have yellow mark of the end of the free time on compact disk.

  • Copy Disc

  • Saving of the intermediate image of the audio disc can be correctly interrupted by user.

  • Save Disc Image

  • Saving of the audio disc image can be correctly interrupted by user.

  • Core

  • DVDSaveImage() now returns a DVD_ERR_MULTISESSION for multisession disks.

DVD/CD Toys 0.09.00 (2010/06/07)

  • The DVD/CD Toys now have great and powerful tool that allows creating and burning of an audio compact disks from a set of audio files.
  • The DVD/CD Toys use new Open File Container dialogs and controls.
  • The progress dialogs now show elapsed and remaining time.
  • Location of the directory used to hold temporary files can be changed via configuration dialog.
  • Now user can drop any file to the tool entry field instead of selecting it via file selection dialog.
  • All non-printable characters in CD-Text labels are replaced by space. This prevents problems during copying audio disc with incorrect CD-Text information.
  • The tracer window is no more freezed in case a system modal popup window is activated.

  • Burn Files

  • No more SYS0039 error pop-ups in case AUTOFAIL=NO.

DVD/CD Toys 0.08.00 (2009/10/27)

  • The DVD/CD Toys now have tool that provides information about capabilities of a recording device.
  • The DVD/CD Toys now have tool that converts disc image from various formats to standard ISO9660 image.

  • Burn Files

  • Dragging of a large quantity of files is possible now.

  • Core

  • DVDConvertImage() and DVDDeviceInfo() functions are added to the DVD/CD Toys core.

DVD/CD Toys 0.07.02 (2009/09/24)

  • Fixed memory leak in the DVD/CD Toys tracer.
  • The media is verified correctly after burning large DVD image.

DVD/CD Toys 0.07.01 (2009/09/15)

  • The speed selection dialog provides only speed values supported by the device and by currently mounted media (except for write speed in the Copy Disc tool).
  • Read errors are reflected via progress dialog immediately after detection.

DVD/CD Toys 0.07.00 (2009/09/01)

    Burn Files

  • Toolbar icon set can be changed via the main menu.
  • The media can be verified after burning.
  • Fixed some issues at addition, copying, moving or renaming of the files containing national characters.

    Burn Disc Image

  • The media can be verified after burning.

    Copy Disc

  • The media can be verified after burning.


  • Core functions now supports the DVD_VERIFY option.

DVD/CD Toys 0.06.00 (2009/06/30)

  • Calculation of the size of new session for multisession disks is corrected.
  • Allow Joliet filenames to be up to 103 Unicode characters.
  • Blanking operation now have progress bar (CD-RW and DWD+RW only) if CDRTools version 2.01.01a37 or above is installed.
  • Now is possible to specify all set of labels at record or creation of a disk image.

    Burn Files

  • Prevents new line when renaming file or folder.
  • The burning progress bar became more accurate.
  • The main window is not closed when Alt-F4 is used to close the configuration window.

DVD/CD Toys 0.05.00 (2009/05/28)

  • DVD/CD Toys now have Russian and English online manual and context help.
  • DVD/CD Toys translated into Swedish.
  • The execution log have new resizable dialog window.
  • DVD/CD Toys use own pipelines for executed programs. It resolves problems with deadlock of mkisofs and cdrecord. Multisession disks now can be burned while using blocking OS2CDROM.DMD.

    Burn Files

  • Now uses system icons for drives and folders.
  • The prepared project can be saved into file and loaded afterwards.
  • The double click or pressing ENTER on a file in the files browser or in the project editor opens this file.
  • Additional check on identical names at addition, copying, moving or renaming of files in the project.
  • UDF/ISO is selected automatically for DVD and Blu-Ray disks if CDRTools version above 2.01.01a46 is installed.

    Burn Disc Image

  • Audio and clone modes are selected correctly after changing a type of a disc image in the file open dialog.

    Copy Disc

  • Queries the confirmation on overwriting of an intermediate image if it already exist.


  • All core functions now checks media type and returns DVD_ERR_INCOMPATIBLE if an operation is not supported by this type of media.

DVD/CD Toys 0.04.01 (2009/03/23)

  • Updated Dutch translation.

DVD/CD Toys 0.04.00 (2009/03/13)

  • Audio compact disks can be copied, can be saved into image file and are burned from an image.
  • In some cases an extension of image file changes automatically depending on an image type. And in reverse order.
  • Traced tools output and execution log have more compact and human readable form.

    Burn Files

  • Layout of the program window can be changed via the main menu.
  • The program toolbar have new and colorful icons.

    Copy Disc

  • Reading speed can be changed.


  • Core functions now supports the DVD_AUDIO option.

DVD/CD Toys 0.03.00 (2009/02/26)

  • All programs have new and unique icons.
  • All programs notify user about successful completion.
  • Device or device speed can be selected via double-click.
  • Until cdrecord returns the incomplete information about DVD+RW media, they will be always interpreted as empty.
  • All centered dialogs are constrained so that their height and their width are wholly visible on the desktop.

    Burn Files

  • The choice of clearing of the project after burning is added to the burning dialog.
  • The program now can be closed via Alt-F4.

    Burn Disc Image

  • Now it is necessary to select a disc image before the burn button will be pressed.


  • DVDAbout() function is added to the DVD/CD Toys core.
  • All burning functions now checks presence of specified files and returns DVD_ERR_NOT_FOUND if files does not exist.
  • Core functions now supports the DVD_NOTIFY option.

DVD/CD Toys 0.02.00 (2009/02/16)

  • Now it is possible to select and copy to the clipboard the traced tools output.
  • DVD/CD Toys translated into Dutch.
  • DVD/CD Toys translated into French.
  • The some error messages became more informative.

Burn Files

  • Fixed SYS3170 at program termination.

DVD/CD Toys 0.01.00 (2009/02/12)

  • First public release.

DVD/CD Toys 0.00.00 (June, 2008)

The project was started


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