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OS/2 - PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
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OS/2, ArcaOS, eComStation

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eCenter is a part of eWorkPlace.

All system indicators should be placed on eCenter. Follow this approach:


Which applications may be implemented as widgets?

  • System indicators -- If user wants view information urgently
  • Small databases -- If user wants input data suddenly

Please pay attention to SysTray widget

If you think that the development of widget is a wrong approach but you want show an icon for user then pay attention to SysTray widget.

System tray is a bar with icons added by the thrid-party applications via SysTray API. Applications will get the messages from user actions on the tray icons. SysTray widget Homepage

Use SysTray toolkit to add the icon the the tray.

Disadvantages: user should install SysTray widget in advance.


How to develop good widget for eCenter?

Every widget should:

  • Every widget should have icon on the left, text on the right (optional). So user can find the indicator without efforts.
    • "+" icon works as a divider
  • Please use font for widget:
    • widget window: 9.WarpSans.Bold,
    • setup window: 9.WarpSans.
  • Setup dialog: Follow the recommendations how to create setup dialog: changes are applied immediately and on the fly.
  • enable [x] button to accept the settings, don't use [Close] button in the bottom.
  • Colors (Background: -, Font color: -)
  • Left mouse button: open Popup menu with options related to the application.

    If you want run a program then add an option to this menu. (Don't start programs/utils if user double clicks the widget)

  • Right mouse button: opens Popup menu with eCenter properties.



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