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Артефакты OS/2


PM Backup Suite программы для бэкапа 

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History of changes


PM Backup Suite 0.07.00 (2014/03/13)

  • The files now can be compressed during backup process.
  • Improved dialog of selection a directory to hold backup files.
  • Now you can interrupt active task using context menu of the Backup Manager.
  • The Backup Manager prevents starting of the Restore for active tasks.
  • The Backup Manager also prevents deleting of active task.
  • Prevents stopping of Scheduler if there are active tasks.
  • The check mark of the file or directory can be toggled via pressing of a SPACE keyboard button. Also if you mark item holding down SHIFT key, you can mark a group of items. And you can mark or unmark all items of the current container view using CTRL+/ keys.


PM Backup Suite 0.06.00 (2012/10)

  • Now the Backup Manager keeps the last 10 backup logs and can shows them.
  • Now the Backup Manager restores a last status of a task after restart.
  • Now you can keep orphaned files during incremental backup. This could happen under a rare abnormal end situation where the backup control file was not sucessfully written.
  • Fixed copying selected part of execution log to the clipboard.
  • Context menus of the Backup Manager and Restore correctly translated to russian language.
  • Fixed of a Restore command-line help window.


PM Backup Suite 0.05.01 (2011/12 ?)

  • Now a backup manager's confirmation dialog is a topmost window and can't be missed by user.


PM Backup Suite 0.05.00 (2011/12 ?)

  • All programs have new and unique icons.
  • Huge execution logs are now correctly copied to clipboard.
  • Improved catching and detection of the BackEmUp errors.
  • The backup manager now have context menu.
  • The backup utility now validates project before start of an auto backup.
  • Now BackEmUp always started in unattended mode.
  • Restore button is enabled at initial opening of the restore dialog.
  • Warning is displayed before editing the parameters of a running task.
  • Backup Manager can now request confirmation to run the scheduled task.


PM Backup Suite 0.04.00 (2011/09/29 ?)

  • Now have great and powerful tool that allows you to schedule backup tasks.
  • Fixed a finding of backup tools via WarpIN database.
  • Detects and reports an error in case if not enough space on backup media.


PM Backup Suite 0.03.00 (2011/04/26 ?)

  • Now have great and powerful tool that allows restoration of the backup sets.


PM Backup Suite 0.02.01 (2011/03/15 ?)

  • Keeps inactive volume definitions during refreshing of the backup directory.


Varenye Backup 0.02.00 (2011/02/28 ?)

  • Now there is an about dialog box.
  • WarpIN database is used to find backup tools.
  • Detection of attempts of backing up of multiple drives is refined.


Varenye Backup 0.01.00 (2010/12/29)

  • First public release.



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