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Send bug-reports to: ACPI bug-tracker

This document describes 
* common tricks & tips for ACPI.PSD 
* tricks & tips for ACPI.PSD with /SMP switch

=== Contents ===

1. Introduction
2. ACPI.PSD without /SMP switch
     2.1. Primary attempts to boot ACPI.PSD
     2.2. ACPI fails although was working yesterday
     2.3. Problems on desktop
3. ACPI.PSD with /SMP switch
     3.1. SMP troubles  -- troubles with /SMP switch

=== 1. Introduction ===

* If ACPI is working strange then grab acpi log for developers:
      copy acpica$ acpi.log
* If you have trap in ACPI then make photo of the trap screen.  

* Press Alt-F2 when system starts booting and you see ╡╡╡eCS  
  => you can see the names of loaded drivers.
   If system hangs on driver xxxxxxx.sys then .. 
   Solutions: disable this driver 

=== 2.1. Primary attempts to boot ACPI.PSD ===

1) First of all, 
* Do you use Dell? -- Then read ACPI-Hardware.doc
* Motherboards with AMD chipset -- request for special instructions
* If you can't boot ACPI or run PC in SMP mode then
check the chipset of motherboard. If NVidia then read ACPI FAQ -> Q40

4) If notebook crashes in 10 minutes after boot then 
   use ACPI snooper to solve IRQ troubles
   or query internet, does your notebook requires modified DSDT table?

30) Some PCI devices are not available if using ACPI.PSD (2008/03)

    ACPI driver may destroy some of the data in PCI config space.
      1) If you have troubles with PCI devices, 
         look at acpi.log (copy acpica$ acpi.log)
         ? Do you see     PCI:0 PIC:xx APIC:xx      
         then try overwrite PCI config space, enable PCIasACPI in acpi.cfg
      2) Pay attention to PCIWRITE word in acpi.cfg, 
         it allows write data to PCI config space.
      3) A device doesn't work after boot with ACPI driver: ACPI FAQ -> Q12

8) Some devices switch to sleep while working with eComStation in random moments     
     ACPI FAQ -> Q50
9) If the system requires much time to boot then research which 
   program is the cause. Add to startup.cmd:
       go.exe >go.log 
10) If system hangs if you try poweroff it then        
    boot with debug PSD, run FS session, run PowerOff.exe 
    and tell us the latest messages on the screen.

11) Genmac or other Device driver doesn't see PCI device after boot of ACPI.
This may happen because of new OEMHLP$ inside ACPI.
* Disable new OEMHLP$ 
    - Modify CONFIG.SYS, add one more switch: ACPI.PSD /!NOD 
    - copy acpica.add (debug directory)  to \os2\boot 
    - Put to the top of CONFIG.SYS the line: basedev=acpica.add

  Please send us 3 logs:  
    - boot without ACPI, 
         pci.exe >pci-before.log
    - boot with ACPI 
         copy acpica$ acpi.log 
         pci.exe >pci-after.log     
12) If using GenMac

   The the system hangs after NETBIND.EXE with the genmac-wrapper if the
   HELPERW.EXE is started after NETBIND.EXE. Please move the statement 
   "RUN=X:\.....\HELPERW.EXE" in config.sys
   to a position before NETBIND.EXE

13) Network adapter disconnects in 10.. 30 minutes after OS boot
    a) Run rmview /irq
       Do you see any pci devices on irq3 .. irq7?
       If USB controllers or network adapters occupy low irq then 
       goto BIOS setup -> Switch IRQ3.. IRQ7 to Reserved (Legacy ISA)

    b) How do you exit Windows? Try Shutdown (not sleep), 
       then boot eComStation.
14) Power off button troubles
     a) First of all, check, that PowerOff button generates an event.
        Use utilities: Util\ButtonJin.exe, EmbeddedEvent.exe, GetNotify.exe
     b) If system hangs when you press PowerOff or nothing happens then check,
        do you see disk activity when you press this button?
        Test Shutdown managers (xShutdown, eShutdown, eStyler)
15) Upgrade BIOS or not? 
    If testing ACPI on notebook, grab log:
      copy acpica$ acpi.log
    and search for 
     "ACPI Error", "ACPI Exception".
    If there are errors related to parsing then try /EIS switch
    (to ignore this errors).
    This may cause a trap, so be carefull.
    Upgrade BIOS. This may help too.

16) Battery widget doesn't work. acpibattery shows correct information.
    Reinstall IBM APM, disable IBM APM.SYS, enable ACPI APM.
    Use alternative battery widget: 

17) Shutdown doesn't work properly (eStyler or eWP eShutdown)
    a) If Shutdown hangs PC then inform developers about model of your notebook
    b) If Shutdown works but filesystem is dirty then
         use proper version of shutdown manager 
         (which is executing DosShutdown with proper parameters)
18) If LCD monitor turns off during boot of notebook then           
    try boot ACPI.PSD with /LS:0

19) Notebook hangs in 10 minutes after boot.
    If harddisk works slow and there is hang then 
    check how many devices occupy the same IRQ? 
      rmview /irq
    For example, SATA controller and 5 USB controllers occupy one IRQ.
    Use snooper to remap IRQs.
20) Slow work of computer.
    I booted with ACPI but harddisk/network/usb is working slow.
    Disable all device drivers. Enable one by one. Search for the cause.
    Enable One USB controller driver. Reboot. Enable the second USB 
    controller driver, etc.
21) Devices do not work in eCS if  suspend Windows, boot eComStation.    
    Try boot ACPI.PSD with /LS:3
22) Traps on eComStation boot.
    Disable all device drivers. Enable one driver, boot.
    Enable other drivers one by one, try find the driver which may 
    cause the trap.
23) Some devices are working bad if booted with ACPI.
    Run RMVIEW /IRQ  or pci.exe
    If major part of devices are sharing one IRQ then 
    use APIC SMP mode, boot with SMP kernel, use LINK commands to 
    sort IRQs.
24) If nothing helps then you should try change the value of OS and OSI.
    Which /OS and /OSI to use for my notebook?
     don't try to change OS and OSI values.
    Contact the support service or try by yourself.
    There is no one universal pair of OS and OSI,
    the value depends on the manufacturer of the notebook.
    How to understand if you should try change the value of OS and OSI?
    Execute Iasl -d 
    Find "windows" word in the .dsl file.
    If you see if _OS = Windows 2000 and/or 
    _OSI = Windows 2001 SP1 or something like this then 
    try boot ACPI.PSD /OS="Microsoft 2000" /OSI="Windows 2001 SP1"

25) Boot would hang randomly while loading BASEDEVs with ACPI enabled (no switches).
     a) try boot with /!NOD   
     b) update DaniS506 to the latest version
     c) "enable USB keyboard support"  *must* be enabled in the BIOS (even 
        though system uses a PS/2 keyboard). No problems since enabling it. 
        (AMD Athlon XP 1700+, VIA 8233 chipset, Phoenix/Award BIOS, 
        approximately 5 years old)
26) eComStation shows OS2LOGO and stops boot.    
    If computer was working with ACPI for some weeks and hangs now then
    Please remove the dust from your computer..
    We will fix this later (it's necessary activate throttling on boot)

  Old suggestions:
    This may happen after exit from Windows or after system TRAP.

    Try press Reset. Try Turn off the computer and turn it on in 5 minutes.
    Turn Off Power supply to init some ACPI settings. Try boot again.
    The problem is under research.
27) After installation of ACPI some drivers and applications report: 
    "Not enough memory"
    Do you use ACPI.PSD + FAT32.IFS + UNIAUD?
    Disable FAT32, try add to CONFIG.SYS:

28) I disabled ACPI.PSD and can't boot anymore
    first of all, restore snoop.lst, it should contain:
       and other snoopers
    There are two suggestions:
       1) detach the PC from AC, disconnect battery if using laptop.
            Wait for 10 minutes, turn PC on again.
       2) check filesystem: chkdsk x: /f
         (boot from eCS CD1 or other bootable partition)
29) Trap during OS2LOGO
       do you upgrade from ACPI 2.x to 3.x?
       check snoop.lst, do you boot old acpi snooper? it is not used in ACPI 3.x

=== 2.2. ACPI fails although was working yesterday ===

Q: If ACPI.PSD driver was loading fine for some monthes but doesn't 
   boot anymore (the same version) 
A: * than you should remove dust from your PC (the problem  
       happens because of high load on CPU when ACPI starts to work)
   * boot from recovery partition, chkdsk x: /f
       LANTRAN.LOG, PREVIOUS.DAT may be corrupted. fix the disk or 
       remove the files.

Q: Can't boot, eComStation doesn't like the ACPI.PSD file (2008/01)
A: If you are using bootable JFS
   then upgrade to the latest BooJFS (released in the second part of 2007) 
   (update ujfs.dll, jfs.ifs on x:)

   boot from eCS 2.0 RC4 CD, remove x:\OS2BOOT on harddisk, sysinstx x: 

   run chkdsk x: /f
   where x: - your bootable drive 

Q: Boot is unreliable, hangs on different stages, sometimes boots
A: Do you use W4 kernel? Then try use UNI or SMP kernel.
   (not tested)

=== 2.3. Problems on desktop ===

32) ACPI utilities don't detect the presence of ACPI (2008/04)
    Check the version and integrity of ACPI32.DLL
    Use the utilities delivered with current version of ACPI.PSD

33) I can boot to desktop, but all applications crash
   1) try disable ntfs.ifs, fat32.ifs,
   2) add to config.sys -> EARLYMEMINIT=TRUE  
       or FALSE
   3) config.sys -> DLLBASING=OFF 

5) If you have troubles with applications or drivers:

      load ntfs.ifs before hpfs.ifs
      FAT32: Use /H switch, IFS=x:\OS2\BOOT\FAT32.IFS /CACHE:2048 /H
      * Put it before Genmac
      * While development of ACPI driver we have found troubles
        in UniAud driver. Please, download UniAud released after august 1, 2005.
   NVHOOK.SYS (Norman Virus Control)
       Read Q23: Trap E in NVCHOOK (Norman Virus Control driver)
       Slow work of guest session in VirtualPC on Athlon64.       
       Yes, VPC is slow on SMP because only CPU1 is used.
       If you have troubles with Mozilla web-browsers (connection loss) then 
       add to CONFIG.SYS:
   DOS, Win-OS/2 sessions
       If this virtual machines do not work in SMP APIC then try run in SMP PIC
       change of directory causes trap.
       Remove fc.ini
       put it last in CONFIG.SYS

=== 3.1. SMP troubles ===

(troubles with /SMP switch)

If you configured the ACPI-SMP as desribed in ACPI-SMP.doc, but system 
doesn't boot then:

0) Check system components:
     * SMP kernel 14.104a (with corresponding doscall1.dll)
     * If using IBM Peer then it should include fix IC31990
     * USB 10.162

1) Check BIOS Setup again:
   ACPI-FAQ.doc -> 
   Q5: How to setup BIOS setup for better compatibility with ACPI.PSD?
   Update drivers, here is the list: ACPI-SMP-DRV.doc

Press Alt-F2 when you see eCS blob in the left top

3-a) Boot stops at KBDBASE
    Any problem inside Intel ACPI-CA machine may cause this. 
    (was 26)

3-b) System hangs on boot of RESOURCE.SYS (Press Alt-F1 on ╡╡╡eCS)
    RESOURCE.SYS is very old. Try boot ACPI.PSD with switch /FS
    If this doesn't help then try /AFS

    This happens when it's impossible call realmode from kernel.
    Usually this happens on computers with EFI

3-c) IF Boot stops after network adapter loading:   
      * Try different order of USB controller drivers boot (config.sys):
        EHCD then UHCD  or  UHCD then EHCD  

      * try detach USB flash disk.
      * (random hang) 
        If using Bootable JFS then boot from eCS 2.0 CD and chkdsk x: /f
        (LANTRAN.LOG may be corrupted)

3-d) stop at SNAPSDD.???  
      * Enable USB Legacy support in BIOS Setup.
        Or turn off USB in BIOS Setup.

3-e) System traps after text mode switched to graphical mode
    (the screen  is empty or filled with one color)
    Possible causes:
      * SNAP video driver. Try Panorama VESA video driver -- http://ecomstation.ru/panorama
      * Problems for specific motherboards. We have seen this on VIA 
            and NVidia, no problems with Intel.
      * caused by not-tested device driver.

      * If using Bootable JFS then boot from eCS 2.0 CD and chkdsk x: /f
         (PREVIOUS.DAT may be correputed)

3-f) System traps immediately after Desktop loading,
    System stops dead just when display of the desktop would be expected.
   A1: System traps immediately after Desktop loading.
       Disable IBM Peer startup (startup.cmd). Does OS trap if Peer is not 
       started? First of all, use the latest eComStation which includes 
       fixes for Peer to work in SMP mode. (The fix for Peer (IC31990)  
       fixes all problems with SMP. There are fixes for 8603, 8605, and 8608).
   A3: System stops dead (no error messages or trap screen) just when display 
       of the desktop would be expected

       Alan Beagley: As in earlier versions when SMP is activated, with the 
       standard IBM-supplied USBMOUSE.SYS the machine stops 
       dead (no error messages or trap screen) just when display 
       of the desktop would be expected. Replacing the standard 
       USBMOUSE.SYS by the one from the AMouse package allows the 
       machine to complete booting to the desktop.     

8) If network is slow, 
   * enable USB Legacy or disable it. 
   * Try different versions of network drivers, contact developer of drivers
   * Check conflict of interrupts (pci.exe, rmview /irq) 
      Maybe netword adapter and other devices are using the same interrupt
   * If using Realtek 8168/8169 then spend time to setup of the network driver   

If APIC mode
   if eCS doesn't boot anymore then
     * Detach all USB devices.
     * If using Bootable JFS, then boot from bootable eCS 2.0 CD and chkdsk x: /f
   if USB doesn't work then 
     * try boot with /CD switch.
     * try boot UHCD controllers drivers first, then EHCD drivers.
         or USBOHCD.SYS then USBEHCD.SYS
         (yes, USB 1.1 / UHCD first;  USB 2.0 /EHCD later)
     * try disable UHCD or EHCD drivers

11) If Ctrl-Alt-Del => PC hangs then 
    read ACPI readme again, use /R switch
12) If using Bootable JFS and you got some traps 
    or system doesn't boot anymore then boot from eCS 2.0 CD,
    run chkdsk c: /f
13) If using ASUS P5B motherboards and running APIC SMP mode: 
    if > 4 USB devices attacted then OS doesn't boot.
      * disconnect USB devices.   
      * disable EHCD controller drivers
14) NVidia chipset, AMD X2 CPU
    Problem: /SMP /APIC causes trap or hang.
    You tried boot without device drivers, tried all tricks and tips.
    Try use switch: /DV:0x50 .. 0x56 , 0x70 .. 0x77      
    (By default we enable /DV:0x57)
15) Video output is slow in SMP. CPU load is high.
    Scitech SNAP is working bad on your PC. 
    Please try Panorama VESA video driver -- http://ecomstation.ru/panorama
16) PowerOff, Shutdown via ACPI hangs computer.
    Try /R switch, 
    if this doesn't help then:
    To shutdown system, close all applications, press Ctrl-Alt-Del,
    Press Power button when you see BIOS start screen.

18) You have SCSI adapter, the driver doesn't support APIC.
    Try REMAP command (Read ACPI-FAQ.doc)
19) Computer freezes for some seconds then works fine again.    
    * Which software do you use?
    * if HDAudio then disable UNIAUD.
20) USB doesn't work in APIC SMP / troubles with USB devices
     a) Try /CD switch.
       /CD mode is created for buggy usbechd.sys, which in some
       unknown cases opens IRQ before init_complete 
       but doesn't handle it. We are going fix USBEHCD.SYS (like Danis506
       was improved in 2007), then /CD switch can be removed.

     b) If this doesn't help then user should try LINK, REMAP commands.
        REMAP is needed because there are bugs in the kernel.
        (This relates to all device drivers, not USB only)
     c) Do you use patched RESOURCE.SYS distributed with ACPI?

     d) If system doesn't boot, continues boot when you detach USB devices then:
           Disable USB Legacy in BIOS Setup. 
     e) USB keyb or mouse doesn't work
        A: try change the order of USB drivers boot. 
        config.sys -> usbehcd.sys out before or after usbochi
21) Problems with sound: loop   
    If using UNIAUD or SBLive or SBLive-like driver then
    the driver doesn't accept the IRQ.
22) Some applications have troubles in SMP:    

   * PSI/2 running irc-plugin freezes computer periodically 
   * Innotek Java VM is not stable 
   * PMFAX, Openchat/2 traps sometimes 
       read ACPI FAQ -> Q59: Old application doesn't work on SMP machine. How to run it?
   * Faxworks -- use PSCOM.SYS (com-port driver) to fix troubles.
   * Emperoar TV 
       change tvfmt 2 > 1, it works with or without PSD, even in SMP mode: 
23) Do you have HyperThreading (HT)?  
    If you have troubles then disable HT.
24) Boot is slow, work is slow    
    If using SMP + slow boot -> maybe caused by SNAP.
    Install Panorama VESA video-driver.
25) (HyperThreading) I get very high CPU usage in pmshell.exe
    Try rem out ssectl.exe in config.sys

26) Flash the latest BIOS to the motherboard, this may improve ACPI support. 
   ATTENTION: you lose the guarantee on motherboard if changing BIOS!!! 
   Do this only if you have meanings to reanimate mother board in case of fail.

27) If you can't run ACPI.PSD in SMP mode then disable USB controller drivers.
   (CONFIG.SYS -> basedev=EHCHUSB.SYS). Try again.

28) A device doesn't work
   Check ACPI-FAQ.doc -> 
   Q12: A device doesn't work after boot with ACPI driver


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