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August 24, 2009

This README contains information about 
APM.ADD driver for eComStation
Version: 1.31


1.0  Description
2.0  Features
3.0  Installation
4.0  Usage
5.0  Temporary restrictions
6.0  Troubleshooting

1.0 Description

APM.ADD is a driver of power management via ACPI interface. 

System requirements:
 * ACPI for eComStation installed and tested
 * Modern kernel (released after 2005)
 * eComStation operating system

2.0 Features

1) ACPI APM substitutes IBM APM. 
So you can use Battery widget to watch battery level.
Use alternative battery widget: 

2) Supported sleep states:

* S1 sleep mode is supported. 
    IDE - ok;        USB - ok; Video - ok;
* S2 is not tested    

* S3 is supported with VGA driver only
    IDE - ok;        USB - ok; Video - ok;
* S4 is not implemented

3) Read more about Cx states ACPI-APM-Cx.doc (russian text)

3.0 Installation


  0. Install APM.ADD after installation of ACPI.PSD

  1. Check the incompatibility with other drivers: 

  2. Remove IBM APM.SYS driver and related stuff. 

  3. copy apm.add     to \os2\boot
     ATTENTION: Remove IBM APM.SYS driver and related stuff. 

  4. Add to config.sys (the 2-nd line after acpi.psd):
       add to startup.cmd -> start /min ACPIDAEMON.EXE    
       add ACPIDAEMON.EXE to StartUp folder
       (If installing in the first time then start the daemon manually)
     ATTENTION: PLEASE, Don't forget remove old APM.SYS driver and related stuff. 
  5. The APM is managed by ACPI Daemon.
     The configuration is described in AcpiD.cfg file.
     Run the ACPIDaemon.exe AcpiD.cfg or put the .cfg to %ETC% directory
     and ACPIDaemon.exe will load it automatically.
  6. Reboot

4.0 Usage

How to setup sleep/resume? June, 2007:
* Use Panorama VESA video driver

* Goto BIOS Setup, enable S3 mode.
  Search "S3", "S1", "S1&S3" or "S3str".

* Goto BIOS Setup, Enable "Init video after S3". If no such option then 
  ACPI.PSD should try to perform this operation. Add ACPI.PSD /VBE  
  to init video BIOS after resume.
  (there are no guarantees that this will work)
* Check acpidaemon.log  (\var\log), does your PC support S3?

* Edit acpid.cfg, suspend should be:

* How to suspend? Open 
    Power object -> Suspend   
    or apm.exe /suspend (download: http://ecomstation.ru/?e=92)
* How to resume after sleep? Press Power button. 

VIA chipset:
* if resume doesn't work then try ACPI.PSD with /VBE

How to achieve success in testing?
* update danis506.add to 1.8.1 
    How to update Danis -- 
* disable all device drivers before testing suspend/resume (USB, audio, network)
* You can see the list of Sleep states supported by your computer   
    when starting ACPI daemon; 
    S0 - PowerOn
    S1 - computer is stopped;   
    S2 - computer is stopped, part of devices are powered off;   
    S3 - all devices are powered off, except memory;  
    S4 - all devices are powered off; S5 - power off)
* Post the report to the tracker
  Register to Login -- http://www.netlabs.org/site/member/
  don't use short name&password, save your password
  View tickets -- http://svn.netlabs.org/acpi/report/1

5.0 Utilities   

1) apm.exe
Switch to fullscreen, 
apm.exe /Suspend
apm.exe /Poweroff


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