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ACPI Drivers compatiblity list

1) Drivers ready for ACPI APIC
2) Drivers not ready for ACPI APIC. The device works if use REMAP  
3) Drivers not ready for ACPI APIC

1) Drivers ready for ACPI APIC:

! Use RESOURCE.SYS from ACPI package

* Update drivers:
   - Disable IBM APM.SYS
   - Disable OS2APIC.PSD

* Panorama VESA -- OK

* Scitech SNAP -- usually works but users report about troubles sometimes
    (or they think that SNAP is a cause although traps/halt occurs because
    of other driver/device)

* Driver for Marvell Yukon 88E8001/8003/8010 PCI Gigabit Ethernet controller (Copper)
    URL: http://ecomstation.ru/download/sk-20061002.zip
    (thx eCo Software, 20060929) 
* GenMAC wrapper:
    There are existing 2 different products both called "GenMac". 
    The older GenMac is a collection of native OS/2 network drivers. 
    The newer one is a "ndis wrapper" to load WinXP network drivers 
    in OS/2 or eCS. At least the new GenMac wrapper driver works fine 
    with high irq.  (thx Robert Lalla)
   - Marvell Yukon
        Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet chips are supported in high irq mode
        through GenMac wrapper. Certain Marvell chips (Yukon 2 family) 
        might need GenMac wrapper v1.8 or later to work properly.
        (thx Robert Lalla)

* COM-port:
   PSCOM.SYS (driver for COM port; available in BETAZONE)
* DANIS506 1.8.1 or higher
     How to update Danis506? Download new Danis506:
      * 1.8.1 -- http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/cgi-bin/h-search?key=danis506&pushbutton=Search
      * 0.4.0 -- http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/cgi-bin/h-search?key=daniatapi&pushbutton=Search
     Copy danis506.add and daniatapi.flt to x:\OS2\BOOT
     Check CONFIG.SYS, it should load daniatapi.flt (not daniatap.flt)
* RealTek NIC driver  
     Veit Kannegieser's RTSND.OS2 (RealTek NIC driver) dated 2005-12-05 
     gives me a Trap 000d in CPU01.  The earlier version, 2004-07-28, 
     works okay. (thx Mike Forester) 
* Driver e100b for Intel 10/100 network card

* MRAID.SYS v2e.03 (MegaRAID 475 Express 500 RAID works on IRQ 18), 
    use parameter /IRQ 18.
    Ops! read 2) Drivers not ready for ACPI APIC. The device works if use REMAP  

* IBMGU.OS2 network driver for Intel PRO/1000 MT Server Adapter  82545EM Gigabit Ethernet (Copper), for example, IRQ 21

* UniAud released after January 7, 2006; 

* 3com Etherlink PCI driver v5.24 works fine in apic mode - gets irq 16 here (Creeping)

* SB Live and Cmedia to support IRQ higher than 15  ???

* System USB drivers v.10.145 or above; Better use 10.162
  USB drivers are working in APIC OK (Pasha, 20060618)
* AMouse driver -- use fresh version, released at 20.08.2006 or later.
  Works in APIC or PIC mode if using SMP option: 
    device=c:\os2\boot\amouse.sys SMP 
* Realtek 8168/8169    
    Don't forget enable APIC:
* Broadcom Gigibite B57xx network card driver  
  works with ACPI if disable PnPlay OS in BIOS setup (thx Cliff Scott).
  Patched Broadcom Gigibite B57xx network card driver for APIC seems working.
     URL: http://ecomstation.ru/download/drivers/broadcom-network-APIC.zip
* Broadcom BCM5722 (Dell-only chip?) driver patched by Mikkel C. Simonsen
     URL: http://ecomstation.ru/download/drivers/BCM5722.ZIP
* VIA VT6102 Rhine II NIC with SMP     
   With the VIA VT6102 Rhine II NIC driver there is a Protocol.ini parameter
   that needs to be set in order for it to operate with high IRQ's >15
   (needed for SMP operation with the ACPI driver). The current default is to
   use low IRQ's (the parameter is missing). Adding this parameter does not
   effect low IRQ's at all, so it should be added by default.
* SBLive, driver (0.81), SMP APIC you can boot but sound plays in loop.
  To stop the sound loop open the Sound window (Sound object). 

2) Drivers not ready for ACPI APIC. The device works if use REMAP:  

(target IRQ might need to be reserved in the BIOS)

* SYM8XX.ADD (thx nickk, Mike Forester) 
* SBLIVE 0.8.1 and earlier

* Sb Live, Sanders driver -- doesn't work; Push the device to low IRQ.
  Try remapping 16 to a low IRQ (such as 5) and reserve 
  IRQ 5 in the BIOS so it's not shared.
* LSiMEgaRAID Express 500, driver: mraid.add 2e.03
    use REMAP to move the card to low IRQs
    mraid.add /IRQ 21 doesn't work 
* Adaptec 2906 SCSI, aic7870.add
    use REMAP to move the card to low IRQs
    aic7870.add /IRQ 18 doesn't work

3) Drivers not ready for ACPI APIC:  
Contact the developers and make them fix the drivers.

* SIO 
    Ray Gwinn's old SIO.SYS driver doesn't work in SMP APIC mode.  
    It causes a hard lockup as soon as the WPS starts and sound 
    starts playing.  It worked okay for me using OS2APIC.PSD so 
    it took me a while to figure out it was the problem.  
    (Mike Forester, 200609)
    Neil Staib: it does work in SMP PIC mode
* RTSND.OS2, Veit's Realtek network driver, released in december 2005 or 
    later -- http://kannegieser.net/veit/realtek8139.htm  
    Doesn't work in APIC mode.
    !!! There is patched version of RTSND ready for ACPI APIC.  
* Broadcom (BCM57xx) network driver doesn't work (thx joseph, dmik)

* Old(?) GenMAC, doesn't work with Hi IRQ either (thx Yoda)

* SHOWIRQ.SYS is not compatible with APIC (6144, 04.03.00) error before load of PMSHELL.

* Marvell Yukon Chips network driver doesn't work in  APIC  (Pasha, 20060618)
  Marvel driver (Yukon.zip) - it doesn't work with high IRQ (thx Yoda)
  !!! There is patched version of Marvel ready for ACPI APIC.
* Aureal AU8820 OS/2 Sound Card Driver,
  Robert Lalla reports:
    1. Sharing flag can be patched easily. With patched flag the driver 
       would not work anymore in nonshared configurations.
    2. I could not find any references to the EOI function or PIC register
       writes in the 16 bit code. Possibly this is handled in the huge 32 bit
       module. (needs more research)
    3. I could not find proper handling of irq sharing situations:
       The driver would have to indicate to the kernel either that the irq 
       event has been processed, or that the irq event belongs to different 
    4. The driver supports only irq # 5, 7, 9, 11, 12 or 15.  

* print01.sys  - seems that it doesn't support IRQs > 15.
  This may cause troubles if you insert PCI LPT adapter.
  (thx LightElf)

* Mouse.sys in eComStation 1.x, 2.x is bad

* USBEHCD.SYS is bad but usually works.

* Major part of VDM drivers are bad.


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