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OS/2 - это совершенно другая операционная система для PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Программы, новости, статьи, поддержка пользователей, оборудование, вопросы и ответы.
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Q1: Есть ли цензура на eComStation.RU?

  • Anybody can post messages to eComStation.RU, there no need to register
  • the user must input anti-spam code
  • the posting is recorded to database
  • When other users visit the page, all postings with prohibited words are filtered (viag*, cia*, ..)
  • Yes, we disable (hide) the message if this message makes damage to the site, to eComStation business.

We can disable any message with promotion of competitors, any negative, depressive, trolling messages, any message to pirate links.

Q2: Можно ли удалить своё сообщение с eComStation.RU?

  • Yes, we can disable the message if user posted own credit card number of other personal information. If the text contains personal information and doesn't relate to eCS/OS/2.
  • We don't remove the publications. We don't remove technical texts related to eCS/OS/2. When the user / developer is posting the text, it means that he agrees to collaborate with the site. We agree to show this posting, attract other users to read this article or report. There is agreement about publication of the text. and no agreement about removal.
  • The message may be removed if both sides have decision to do this. We have spent many efforts to negotiations, preparation of the texts, translation, and promotion. So, it's economically not possible to remove parts of the site, we add new texts only.

Q3: Право на цитирование

eComStation.RU can quote any news, any texts which are published in the Internet (in open forums and open web-sites). We add links to the source and mention name of the author. There is no need to ask the author about permission.

Q4: Какие потоки новостей распространяет eComStation.RU?

ecomstation.ru is generating 3 streams of news:

  • there are standard news - posted via OS2VOICE news service. Standard news (software updates, FAQ, events & people, .. ) If you don't want read this news then you can filter this messages.
  • there are ecomstation.ru news - people subscribe by themselves and receive 100% of messages, including local. If you don't want read this news then you can unsubscribe.
  • we are sending 4 private (personal) messages per year (four emails / 365 days, in other words, 1 message per quarter). Something similar to Netlabs newsletter. If you don't want read this news then you can unsubscribe. Example: If I send the message to 1000 emails then 1 user unsubscribes and 20 users send positive feedback and make extra questions.

Every message is different, contains information about software updates, links to useful databases or coming event.

There are some people in comp.os.*, other people at os2world.com, different people at news.ecomstation.nl, We are obligated inform all our users and customers about new applications and important events.

Q5: Какой бюджет у eComStation.RU?

We don't know exactly, there budget is not transparent. List of expenses:

  • Hosting
  • Domain expenses
  • server upgrades ($1000 per year)
  • Recover after damages (2 fulltime weeks per year)
  • electricity ($1200)

2013/01: Let's say that 2000 euro per year.



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